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  1. He refused to acknowledge the issues and insisted the mot tester recheck the car. I don't think so. How can i trust the mot tester who passed the car when he should of failed it.
  2. I didn't "steam in and reject the car" i spoke to the dealer while still in the garage when i went to collect the car and the only thing he wanted to do was have the car back and take it to the guy that did the mot for him so he could have another look at it. I am far from daft and obviously rejected his offer to have the same person who wiped oil off the shockers and removed the advisory in the first place.
  3. The car is an 08 chevrolet captiva, 99128 miles paid £2995. The car should of failed on the side repeaters being discoloured and the exhaust flexi blowing. The advisories are: signs of steering rack leaking from offside Nearside outer cv boot damaged Offside front shocker weeping Nearside front shocker weeping Both suspension arm bushes deteriorated and has slight movement Rear exhaust hanger broken Oil leak On looking back through the mot history the advisories started to be listed in 2015 (not 2013 as firts said) and suddenly disappeared in 2017. The dealer had the car
  4. Samsung j5 on ee, i can't find anything under call settings ao presume i can't do it.
  5. Under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA), it is not illegal for individuals to tape conversations provided the recording is for their own use. Recording or monitoring is only prohibited where some of the contents of the communication are made available to a third party. Meaning i can't use it as proof if i take legal action i guess
  6. I wouldn't know how to record a call on my mobile and don't have a landline. Don't i need to tell him that the call will be recorded because if i don't it can't be used as evidence?
  7. I called to make sure he got the email and said he hadn't so recent it and then told him to text me when he got it but text to say he hadn't and gave me another email via text so i used the link to resend it.
  8. I have emailed the dealer rejecting the car under the consumer rights act 2015 and he has denied receiving it, I've used both his emails and sent it 4 times. I have contacted AAcars as he's one of their trusted traders and they said they will contact him. I've spoken to the dvla and they haven't had the log book back yet even though he said he posted it on the 10th april, i might be able to get my money back by raising a despute with my bank as i paid by debit card. I will be posting a copy of the email to him by recorded delivery on friday but not sure that he will
  9. paid by debit card. I told him I want a full refund but he refused.
  10. I purchased a car on the 08/04/17 from Jason Atterbury Cars in Leicester. It came with a clean MOT on checking out previous MOTs online I discovered some discrepancies. I took the car for a pre MOT check at my local testing station on the 29/04/17 they found that the car should of failed its MOT on 2 issues and also have 8 advisories on it. The car was MOTd by ther dealer on the 21/03/17 where it failed on exhaust gasses leaking and an advisory for the front shocker having a misting of oil. on the retest done on the 27/04/17 it passed as the exhaust had been w
  11. yes but i'm new and didn't know how to start a new thread
  12. Hello, I'm having issues with Jason Atterbury cars too regarding an MOT. do you remember where the car you purchased was MOTd? if you do it may help me in my case. many thanks
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