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  1. Looking into it further I think that Watford Magistrates Court has closed down so i Now i have no idea where i need to contact If any one else has any help on this i would be greatful Edit: ok thanks i will give the Luton Court a try thanks
  2. Yeah i just taken another look at that as well by going on to google map street view. So you could be right I will try contacting them again in the morning and see i i can get any where. thanks for the help
  3. I found that one one earlier today on google but I called the phone number listed and it does not exist so that does not help
  4. I never Received any Points on my licence and the V5 was kept up to date i did move house close to the alleged offence date. But i Still have the problem Finding Contact details for the Court and without that I don't know what to do. It is call West Hertfordshire Magistrates Court. I can find no trace of this Court online its not even listed on the.gov site Thanks for the quick reply
  5. About a month ago i received a Court Find in the post for around £350. I sent a letter asking what the fine was for. I got a letter back saying that on 26/03/2015 my car was found not to meet the insurance requirements. I have had the same insurance company since at least 2014 and it renews automatically every year since. I even phoned my insurance company and checked with them the exact date in question and they confirmed that my car was insured on that date. The letter said they are holding off on the fine until the 10th of June to give me time to contact them on the Phone number on the letter. i called them and they simply told me i have to contact the court direct that the Hearing took place. The next problem is i cant find any contact details on the internet for the Court which is the West Hertfordshire Magistrates Court. Any advice of what i can do to sort this issue would be great help i am now really stuck and really don't want to pay a fine for some thing i should have never been given in the first place. Thanks
  6. Ok thanks for the replies, I called the number today given by fkofilee and after several call attempts and not even getting on the queue system, I finally got through to speak with some one. I Don't know exactly what had gone wrong, but the guy i spoke to on the phone could see that i had paid the the tax for February, March and April even tho the tax was cancelled in February when the new Log book was issued. As it happens the DD was cancelled today and i was told to reapply for a new tax online which i have now done and to send back the log book to the DVLA to have it changed to show the correct date of when i took ownership of the car. Thanks for the help this is now resolved
  7. I have not tried that number yet but it will give it ago Thanks. "Update" I recently changed the address on my log book I paid the £25 fee as i couldn't find my old log book book i just checked the it and it says i acquired the car on Feb 20th 2017. I brought the car in June 2016 and that was when i registered the car and setup the monthly DD for tax so i have no idea what has gone wrong on there system.
  8. OK last year i set up a monthly DD to pay my car road tax. This has been paid every single month and i have never missed a payment. At the beginning of April i received a letter saying my car was not taxed the letter was dated around the middle of march. I checked my bank and found the DD for April had been paid so i assumed it must have been a mistake. I just received a second letter telling me my car was not taxed so this time i checked online and it shows my car as being not taxed. There is no reason why my car tax is not taxed. The monthly DD is still being paid and has never failed the M.O.T was renewed in March 2017 1 week before the old M.O.T was due to expire and the insurance has just been renewed a few days ago. I dont know who to contact to sort this out as all the phone numbers seem to be automated and im now worried about being finned for a mistake that is clearly the DVLA's fault. Any advice please? Thanks
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