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  1. You clearly don't live here. The nearest motorway to me is in Kent and is an hour round trip and there are no dual carriageways within 40 minutes of me!
  2. Thank you for this. I have driven a diesel for the last 7 years and this was the first time I had come across the DPF. When I went to a local garage they could smell the smell and told me to speak to Toyota asap as they didn't know what it was.
  3. There are 9 counties actually that do not have motorways in the UK! I do leave the county but I don't have the time to drive a two hour round trip to get onto a motorway every week!!!! The drive alone there is not enough to get the desired effect. I feel that if by not being able to get the regeneration to activate properly it is acceptable to bring fumes into the car to endanger my children then Toyota have some responsibility to advise me of that!
  4. The car is a 64 plate and I bought it in February 2016. It was an ex demo car and so was only doing short journeys for them. It had 2000 miles on the clock when I bought it and now has 13000.
  5. I just find it bizarre that initially denied any knowledge of a telephone call from him explaining his situation and asking for help and only supplied the 'hand written notes' once we supplied telephone records showing the date he called and the length of the call. is it all just a waste of time? Even if we do the SAR where will that leave us? One week after charges he had £2.00 in his account after he got paid. He had to find his travelling money to get to work and so was immediately back in the red again accruing more charges. I completely understand that the d
  6. Well of course this will depend on whether or not there is a recording. And my understanding was that a bank is not supposed to perpetuate a cycle of debt especially when the person has raised the fact that the charges were pushing them into an overdraft that the bank would not authorise to limit the amount of charges. Since becoming aware of the problem I have tried to educate my son and offer advice and support about managing his finances which was why we started by approaching the bank directly for help in the first place. We raised the issue of the amount of charges only after
  7. Fair enough but the fumes entering the car can surely not be right and this is one of the issues that Toyota will not acknowledge.
  8. I did look into petrol versus diesel and at the time I did not see anything that suggested a problem with the diesel. I did not know what a DPF was and it wasn't until after I had the problems that I searched about DPF and found the issues that arise with it. I had a diesel before and that did not have one so I had no idea that this new technology had come about or the implications of it. I did discuss with the salesman the way in which the car would be used and I understand that some manufacturers issue specific information regarding the upkeep of it. Toyota admit in their letter to me that
  9. Thank you for you reply. It smells acrid and yes it does have a smell of burning rubber. I live in East Sussex, the one county in the country that has no motorways. I feel that the ins and outs of the DPF, should have been explained to me at the point of sale and it was never mentioned. I would never have bought the car had it been explained to me as I am not in a position to ensure the DPF operates correctly. I have only been aware of the DPF since this all started. Why is the smell entering the car and are the fumes damaging to me and my children's health?
  10. Hi, my 19 year old son who has recently been diagnosed with depression got himself into a muddle with his banking due to inexperience and the ease of contactless payments. He was paying charges of £80 per month for the majority of a year and was unable to get himself out of the financial mess he had got himself in. Once I became aware I advised him to speak to the bank HSBC and ask them to give him an authorised overdraft so he could limit his charges and get himself out if the situation he found himself in. He contacted HSBC and as he failed a credit score (no surpri
  11. Please help! I have no idea where else to turn. On 29th February 2016 I bought a Toyota Verso Excel D4D from Motorline Toyota. Since taking ownership of the car on the 10th March 2016 I have had a problem with a recurrent smell inside the car. Initially I believed this to be as a result of me following other vehicles that were emitting an acrid smell. It happened regularly enough that it became a talking point in the car with my two older children who were then aged three and four. The smell often occurred on the school run which is approximately 4 miles from home. Initia
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