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  1. thanks for all the info folks e-mails will be sent asap to the relevant people ill keep you updated also i never knew there was a 30 day cancellation period,as for my contract i have not signed a contract for approx 10 years it was just reinstated as far as im aware
  2. I and my wife have been with Virgin for over 15 years we rang them 3 weeks ago to explain that we were moving house and unfortunately they do not supply a service in the area we are moving into. .i rang them and spent almost 1 hour on the phone to a lady that had very poor limitations of the English language at the end of the conversation i had to hang up as i was wasting my time ..i was told as i was ending my contract i would have to pay £250 i tried to explain i was not cancelling my contract and i wish to stay with Virgin but was told i have to pay a cancellation fee but as i was a loyal customer they would knock £50 of my final bill.. my final bill is £200 . .i still was not happy.. i rang Virgin Media 2 days later and i was so happy i spoke to a guy called Josh He spoke perfect English on the phone call lasted around 10 minutes.. as i had never missed a payment and have been with them for over 15 years he managed to get my final payment down to £167;24 but he said he would send a note on how to appeal against the charge. .also i would get a box to return the Tevo Box if i did not return the box i would get charged another £150. .Today i got a final bill for £294;73. . my question is how can i get 3 different bills for different amounts . .. what would have happened if i had paid the lowest amount first.... .i.can afford to pay this but why the hell should i BTW the person that bought my old house uses Virgin Media now so Mr Richard Branason hasnt lost a penny
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