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  1. I've agreed the cost of 150 for my repairs with my assessor who doesn't need to inspect my vehicle anymore and is compiling the report as we speak and is simply waiting for arriva to handle the liability aspect. When they are liable I will be reimbursed via bank transfer and agreed this with my assessor and arriva transcare themselves who handle the overall case. I have requested footage which I will have within 10days apparently and now I am waiting for the driver to either admit liability or not and then arriva will have to look into the footage if he doesn't. Thanks all.
  2. Yep you're right I'll call them up and request it.
  3. is that something I am allowed to request? I think as it only happened last night everything is still being processed and or being sent to whoever needs to have said info.
  4. Yea well as I said above I need my car in shape for friday so I am getting it repaired myself this sunday and will seek reimbursement once they admit liability. The timing was horrible for this so whatever happens from this point happens I guess.
  5. From what I've explained regarding the scenario. Who is at fault/liable? Surely the bus driver?
  6. Well as said above I need this for the end of next week so I've just organised my private mobile repairer to sort it out this sunday for me for £100. I have rang arriva multiple times and sent over pictures of said damage already which they have forwarded to their engineer to "speed up the process" and save him the time of coming to visit me. So I have been complying and to be honest £100 is ridiculously cheap once they accept liability.
  7. Well he'd only charge me about 100-200 for that repair of which I'll forward to them... I don't feel they'd have a problem with that amount?
  8. I understand. I have a private repairer who usually comes to my home to repair this sort of stuff. Would I be able to get him to handle this for me and ask for a receipt or something that I could forward to arriva for reimbursement? Thanks
  9. Hi all, Not sure If I'm posting in the right section but just wanted to get peoples opinion on this. Last night I was queuing behind a couple cars to turn right at a set of lights, Bus comes along in the left hand lane going ahead and decides to completely scrape my passenger side wheel arch as he does and continues to drive on. I drop someone off whom was in the car and go looking for the driver as I briefly saw his face in his side mirror when the incident happened and the bus number etc. I find him and get him to give his details over which he wasn't hesitant to do at all and he giv
  10. Morning all, All points mentioned above from bulgaria and my own from my word document outlining my dispute with XS Direct have been forwarded to an Ombudsman. My FOS Investigator was unable to give me a time frame on how long till an Ombudsman will reply so I guess it's just a waiting game now.
  11. Thanks, Appreciate it. I already replied to her but I will chuck her another response with the above as it is a much more simplistic and condensed way of getting my point across. I forwarded my word document that I linked you all here months ago which included my dispute against XS Direct.
  12. Hi all, So this is the reply I got from my FOS Investigator https://imgur.com/a/DS93Svy. I guess now we wait... Any idea how long the ombudsman will take to reply and should I outline any further key points to her to refer to the ombudsman? Hope you're all well. Cheers.
  13. With your route I have to go down the court route and be ready to handle all that hassle and inconvenience to ones life. W I understand. In your opinion you feel once the ombudsman comes back to me with his/her response I should let it run till they decide to take me to court, If they do. Would you mind briefly explaining in layman's terms what a tomlin is if you don't mind? Here was my reply to my FOS Investigator today - https://imgur.com/a/0rlFhHZ
  14. Yea I can't have a CCJ on my file and if going court will lead to that then I can't take that route. Guess I'll have no choice but to offer minimal payments. What If I offer something lower e.g. £10-£20, they have no right to ask for a set amount do they or even somehow find out details on what money I earn and how much? I don't assume anyone has any experience where the offer was so minimal every month they just scrapped the debt entirely. btw @dx100uk why do you think they wouldn't be able to "get any more out of me" in court in comparison to outside of it? Cheers
  15. Yep pretty bad response, feels like everyone is just trying to fob me off. I will request it to be elevated as you say and outline the key points you mentioned above to her to make sure she forwards these to the ombudsman. I'll let you all know. Thanks. If worse comes to worse and the ombudsman doesn't uphold this either, what is my next step really? Is it what we spoke about a while ago with negotiating repayments with XS Direct or is there any other way? Thanks.
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