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  1. Oh thank you so much, that is so sweet. I will do that. Its been so hard this, but that letter your on about, we never received anything like that. We will see what happens next, but thank you again x
  2. Also, with regards to working with Yorkshire, we have done nothing but. Yorkshire however would not respond back. It took them months, I tried letters, and then recorded letters, emails, phone calls, none of which received a response. It was only two weeks ago, I thought I would see if they were on social media on facebook, I got a lady reply to me, i copied all the information to her, she asked me to delete it on the site. I said no, she referred this and then Yorkshire Bank started to respond to us. We started the court proceedings because Yorkshire Bank would not respond, we were tryign to work with them. If no one talks back how can you even enter into negotiations. Presently on the 27th April 2017, Yorkshire Bank Phoned and stated a valuation will have to be completed, that is not an issue so we have said yes, they said they will contact us back that day or the next day, Friday 28th April 2017, no call came. We have a valuation from last year completed, today I am going to transfer this over their to multimedia site as that is the only way that seems to work. We have pressed every button to talk, it hasn't been us, its been Yorkshire Bank. Hence the start of court proceedings.
  3. Hi Bank Fodder, yes I understand that, but coping legal documents here while this is going on. I have experience of court and one judge stated opening in court that the cliamaint wouldn't dishouner by making information public, although this was a very different senario than the one discussed here and what we are going through. This was frowned on by the judge, so with that experience I am very reluctant. I can do it personally, but not on an open site, if you get what I mean. With regards to the interest only buy to let, I was not provided letters or phone calls, at all. Helen dealt with the whole issue, the majority of information we have on file has come from asking for it from the Financial Ombudsman and also Yorkshire Bank, although Yorkshire Bank made it difficult and asked us what we wanted specifically. Well we don't know about the information, so how can we ask for it specifically. I remember at the time we walked away on mortgage application with a document, I have looked at we have two copies of this, it says one for the customer and copy for us, so again. That is confusing. It is this document that clearly states Yorkshire Mortgage Application which has on tenanted by daughter, (who had a ligitimate tenancy agreement as that is what we were aiming for) an investment opportunity that turned sour. We had already had with Yorkshire a standard mortgage, although small, on the house my husband had. I had the house in another area which was totally paid off so it didn't have a mortgage so when me and my husband met, we had two properties, we were going through a divorce and wanted the money we had to work for us, we had a lot of options open as we were currently attending court to settle the finances and this was an option so the judge asked us to investigate possibilities. We did with Yorshire, made an appt with Helen and Helen took our information, then she recieved a valuation for the house that was paid outright (my property) and we took it from there. Helen knew at this stage we were going to a buy to let, we discussed it in length. Helen also stated about property recession and stated that interest rates will be higher for a buy to let at the time, we said its not a problem. We did not know what a residential mortgage was, it was the financial advisor last year in 2016 that informed us of this. With regards to paper work, we didn't receive very much paper work, "swapping products again", what does this mean, are you referring to having a product live, then all of a sudden the bank swaps it for another product without informating the client? I am sorry, I am educated but we are learning about the financial side as we go, I am not qualified in this area, I am qualified in business, setting up of businesses. Not providing mortgages to people, it confusing. You have to remember also, we took this to the Financial Ombudsman, whever files they saw at the time, we were not privy to. But when he outcome statement came and it was stated we were an accidential landlord, when it was not the case at all, hit me like a wall. I feel we have been mislead. I know you are trying to support with the information, I am doing my best. I even looked today at what an underwriter was. This information, having heard it before but not heard this from Helen who was doing our mortgage, she just said our mortgage was granted and had been succesful at the time. We were not provided information on what a repayment method was, we just assumed interest rates were high and that we were paying over the odds. We even said to Helen, don't worry interest rates will come down and we will re-apply for another interest rate at another time. I am also not legal, so trying to stick to the points is difficult, although I am trying.
  4. Hi there, we find it confusing too, we were not advised, there was another signature account that went ahead at the same time, we were informed this was free to come with the mortgage with a free insurance as she said at the time, but it was not and we were mislead. We were successful with that claim. The confusion started at that stage, feeling if we were mis-sold that we could been mis-sold this and I feel we have, so does others. Hence why we are in the position now. However, after indepth discussions and a complicated case, the financial advisor saw what we were saying, hence this stance on here. You have been very helpful so far, all this underwriting guidlines is also very new to us. With regards to paper work covering what type of mortgage it was, we did not receive information, other than attend an office and provide our bank details, salary details, including paper work etc. We were asked questions and then the house was valued, the discussions with the advisor were always about a buy to let, we don't understand how it got to here, the fact is it has. We have to do the best we can, which ever way it goes it will happen, everything has an ending, whether postive or negative. We also want permission to auction the house, that is the sticking point so when the valuation is completed then we will know either way. We want a positive outcome, what will be will be now. Although we are working towards a goal, Yorkshire bank wasn't and ignored the issues for months, only this last week they admitted they were putting the letters from us in a closed file, so it just exagerated the issues further with none communication. .. .... All the best unclebulgarie, thank you for the extra information, it is all helpful. Staying postiive with a bullying bank is sometimes a bit mind blowing when your not made that way yourself.
  5. Hi there None of what you are saying sounds like our case, so what I have done, is print your information off, for our records. Court process has already started, application has been put in and we now have a court ref no, to be honest to copy that information on here to show while going through court, I don't think that would be honourable and I am very honourable person. I thank you for your support but will do this myself, the application has already been accepted and we spoke to a financial advisor not long ago who also stated the product was mis-sold. Many thanks and we wish you well, the support you have offered has been mind opening further and we do need that. x
  6. Hi Bank Fodder, yes believe we have been mis-sold a product, we went for a buy to let, and discussed at the time that we wanted an interest buy to let. We walked away with a residential mortgage on a buy to let, repayment. However, during the application we already had a residential mortgage on our own home, this is where the confusion is happening with regards to the story. Our own home had a mortgage with Yorkshire, we were now getting a buy to let on mortgage, we explained to Helen we wanted the interest. It is complicated. When we went to the Financial Ombudsman, after receiving a final response from Yorkshire Bank, it was not until the latter end it was disclosed that some papers from Yorkshire Bank were missing to do with the mortgage product. We went to the Financial Ombudsman stating we were mis sold a product and we wanted a buy to let. They stated that Yorkshire Bank had provided us with a good deal, but no mention during the case of the previous Yorkshire Bank mortgage was made, no mention of tenants already in the property was made, although we did make them aware, they stated there was no evidence of it. Yorkshire Bank, declared to us, by letter received yesterday 27th April 2017, that it was not just missing paper work which the Financial stated it was, it was the whole mortgage file. The only information they had was the system files (but we did not know all this when the financial ombudsman was investigating the issues). The ombudsman stated they didn’t find that I/we were mis-sold a product, although we requested a buy to let, and received a residential mortgage (a residential mortgage you have to have permission from the Bank to tenant the property out, they were already aware, so why do I need to give permission, we thought it was a buy to let product), they knew we didn’t live in the property as we were tenanting it out and intended to keep it that way, we even discussed how we were going to invest the money as we would only being paying interest. We did not understand how it all worked, the advisor did not explain to us we just went along the path thinking she was doing her best by us. The financial ombudsman then stated we were accidental landlords and found ourselves in the situation, which is untrue as the paper work clearly stated at mortgage application that the property was tenanted. However this was not made clear to the ombudsman by Yorkshire Bank and Yorkshire Bank mislead them on other information, as well as not stating we already had a mortgage. This information was during the process of completing the mortgage form, as the Yorkshire Bank consultant spoke about our own home, which is residential, we thought that paper work was about our home, not the tenanted property. Then she started to fill in the form, when she was asking questions about “will you pay or intend to pay for a residential mortgage”, we answered honestly yes as we had always paid the mortgage on our home. However it was for the rented property not our own home, but the advisor did not explain that, we were mislead by this Yorkshire Bank employee and we were given a residential mortgage not a buy to let as we wanted and thought we were still getting. With regards to value, the tenanted property was valued at £70,000, its now worth in the current market about £50,000 because of the housing situation. Our mortgage is £42,000. When we go to Auction, we are trying to gain that price, but if it doesn’t it could end up with a shortfall. If it does end up with a shortfall because of the mis selling we would like that written off, this is hopefully the outcome. We have been fighting this for coming up a year and have made no headway. Yorkshire Bank, did not make any contact, although numerous letters were sent to them by royal mail and then recorded delivery. I phoned them, again they were no interested and said we would receive calls back, no calls came, they closed us down. We had to go the facebook multimedia site of Yorkshire Bank to get them to speak, that is when we found out they had been receiving our correspondence but placing this in a file, that was closed, so left us to suffer further. We know what the argument is, breach of contract, as well as other issues of misleading an authority that is there to be fair without discrimination. How did the Financial Ombudsman deliver this outcome against us, stating we were accidental landlords and were not mis sold a product, without the information, how did they get this far, with missing files, what turned out to be a missing mortgage file of information. How did the Financial Ombudsman allow this to go ahead as an investigation when they knew that Yorkshire bank had a missing file, why were they not penalized and why did Yorkshire mislead the Financial Ombudsman. Remember, a missing mortgage file, is a lot different to missing paper work. We were informed by the Financial Ombudsman that we could go down the court route, we also spoke to a solicitor and he advised the same course of action. I have already put a file together, once this file and the information contained within it is all together I will be in a better position to put a chronology together for court. It is very complex I can understand why you can’t see the wood for the trees, we feel the same, its complicated so its detailed and that is the issue. Trying to simplify it is causing some issues, so I agree.
  7. Miss-sold a product, received final response from ombudsman whom stated that we were an accidental landlords, the Financial Ombudsman went onto say that the bank, Yorkshire Bank, had missing paper work. They ruled in the favour of the bank, we fought back, by saying it was an unfair process, as they had missing paper work but the financial ombudsman said they had treated us fair, so would not re-open the case. We went back to the ombudsman and stated this was an unfair process, as it was not true and Yorkshire Bank is misleading. The ombudsman stood by their decision but said we could take them to court, in which we have just started court action. I later found information in our own filing cabinet that showed upon mortgage application that the house was tenanted by our daughter and we had made it clear and it was stated clearly on the application. As we went through that information it became clear that the bank had mislead the ombudsman, they had not informed them that we already had a mortgage on our own property from the same company, when we were filling in paper work, we agreed to questions like, are you paying for a residential mortgage, we answered yes thinking it was this property we live in as the advisor had just been speaking about it. The product we had wanted was a buy to let, on interest, we ended up getting a residential mortgage on payment plan, we didn’t know what this was as no information was provided, so never questioned it as thought it was a buy to let. They also mis-sold another product at the same time, which was a signature account once that complaint was made we received a final response from Yorkshire Bank admitting no liability, however, we took this case to the financial ombudsman also a year before this one and they found in our favour on that particular case, which was sold to us at the same time as this residential mortgage was, for a tenanted property. We have recently found out by Yorkshire Bank that this was not just missing paper work but the mortgage file is lost. Yorkshire Bank got out of this by saying but we have system files, it was these system files that were produced to the financial ombudsman, obviously missing out the information that we already had a mortgage before application and with themselves at our home address. Our home address is residential. Missing out the information that the property was tenanted before mortgage application, missing out information that we wanted a buy to let on interest. Yorkshire Bank mis-lead the Financial Ombudsman, plus the discussions with Helen, which they can’t keep on system files. I have been writing to them for months by recorded delivery, they would not respond, i used the last method I possibly could use, it was facebook multimedia site, we got them to speak to us, however it was transferring letters we had already sent to them via facebook. We then got a call from Yorkshire Bank, stating they found the letters in a closed file and don’t understand why they went in that particular file. During the call the lady made a mockery of the complaint, when I mentioned our daughter was a tenant in that property, she said, “oh your daughter”, although it was clearly documented. We have since then had four tenants who are not related or friends. That same advisor then started to tell us on the phone what the original advisor would have said to us at the mortgage application appointment, I said, “hold on a minute” your putting words in our mouths, that was not said at all. We have asked for a copy of the call but they said they will play it in a branch near us but we can’t have the recording. They admitted fault in another letter today with regards to no correspondence and put £100 in our bank without asking us if we would accept, we don't want the money, we want justice. Hence the court case. Is there any information you could supply us with or support us on, as I am doing this court case myself as we can't afford to employ a solicitor? We have also asked the bank permission as we are going to auction on the property but they said we need a valuation, we said it has to be quick and urgent as the auction is June 2017. We waited so long on them responding but never received a reply from them in three months, we have had to take the next course of action to help ourselves as the Bank has turned their backs on us at that point. I don’t mind the valuation, but June is fast approaching and this valuation in case there is a shortfall on the mortgage (all of this knowledge has been sourced by me from the internet) is not only our problem, Yorkshire Bank has contributed to this by not supporting us or responding to us, when we were desperate. We have also asked for email correspondence from them, they have refused, saying letter only. Because they did not respond to our other previous letters they have placed us in a bad situation dragging us along while times are getting difficult and trying to not get into the area of repossession, and now they think they can pull the strings and tell us what to do after all this time. We are not going to be able to afford the full mortgage and the council tax, our limitation is June 2017, hence the auction. We need some help or some area of support to reach to, we will do the work, this is not an issue, but please, some light at the end of the tunnel would be greatly appreciated. Thank you x
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