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  1. Oh thank you so much, that is so sweet. I will do that. Its been so hard this, but that letter your on about, we never received anything like that. We will see what happens next, but thank you again x
  2. Also, with regards to working with Yorkshire, we have done nothing but. Yorkshire however would not respond back. It took them months, I tried letters, and then recorded letters, emails, phone calls, none of which received a response. It was only two weeks ago, I thought I would see if they were on social media on facebook, I got a lady reply to me, i copied all the information to her, she asked me to delete it on the site. I said no, she referred this and then Yorkshire Bank started to respond to us. We started the court proceedings because Yorkshire Bank would not respond, we were
  3. Hi Bank Fodder, yes I understand that, but coping legal documents here while this is going on. I have experience of court and one judge stated opening in court that the cliamaint wouldn't dishouner by making information public, although this was a very different senario than the one discussed here and what we are going through. This was frowned on by the judge, so with that experience I am very reluctant. I can do it personally, but not on an open site, if you get what I mean. With regards to the interest only buy to let, I was not provided letters or phone calls, at all. Helen dealt
  4. Hi there, we find it confusing too, we were not advised, there was another signature account that went ahead at the same time, we were informed this was free to come with the mortgage with a free insurance as she said at the time, but it was not and we were mislead. We were successful with that claim. The confusion started at that stage, feeling if we were mis-sold that we could been mis-sold this and I feel we have, so does others. Hence why we are in the position now. However, after indepth discussions and a complicated case, the financial adviso
  5. Hi there None of what you are saying sounds like our case, so what I have done, is print your information off, for our records. Court process has already started, application has been put in and we now have a court ref no, to be honest to copy that information on here to show while going through court, I don't think that would be honourable and I am very honourable person. I thank you for your support but will do this myself, the application has already been accepted and we spoke to a financial advisor not long ago who also stated the product was mis-sold
  6. Hi Bank Fodder, yes believe we have been mis-sold a product, we went for a buy to let, and discussed at the time that we wanted an interest buy to let. We walked away with a residential mortgage on a buy to let, repayment. However, during the application we already had a residential mortgage on our own home, this is where the confusion is happening with regards to the story. Our own home had a mortgage with Yorkshire, we were now getting a buy to let on mortgage, we explained to Helen we wanted the interest. It is complicated. When we went to the Financial
  7. Miss-sold a product, received final response from ombudsman whom stated that we were an accidental landlords, the Financial Ombudsman went onto say that the bank, Yorkshire Bank, had missing paper work. They ruled in the favour of the bank, we fought back, by saying it was an unfair process, as they had missing paper work but the financial ombudsman said they had treated us fair, so would not re-open the case. We went back to the ombudsman and stated this was an unfair process, as it was not true and Yorkshire Bank is misleading. The ombudsman stood by the
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