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  1. The house, I think, is his girlfriends, so not his house, wouldnt that make a difference? Its a house from her previous marriage but I believe he is living there and parks his car on the drive every night. He has ripped people off before from various googling so i doubt he is able to get a mortgage.
  2. I know where he lives. The house is actually for sale and the pics on right move tie in with whats on his facebook pictures.
  3. I needed to get my drive block paved, a friend had just had his done and was pleased. I called the chap and he came over gave me a quote and said he could start in 7 days. Showed me various pictures of work and his FB page. Gave him £1300 upfront via bacs for materials. He gave me his address on the quote and I have various text messages of him discussing the deposit and when he is starting work. He said he would be over on the Friday, then text to say his mother had died so he would need a couple of days to sort things out, then another text saying he was sorting funeral stuff off, final
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