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  1. Thanks. So just to be clear on this, I just need to keep paying. No wriggle room at all? Deeply frustrating as already paid double the outstanding sum in interest CCA request didn't got into criminal offence. Just a 12 day timeline
  2. MBNA have now responded to the credit agreement request (the SAR was done later). Agreement dated 2003. I got a copy executed agreement - (1/3 A4 signature form which could feasibly be something I signed), a printout of the original application from the web, the original T&Cs and current T&Cs I'm not really sure what I should be looking for with this paperwork. At first sight, it looks complete. Additionally, I have requested the same information from Barclaycard (formerly an Egg account). Virtually same parameters as above although a significantly smaller balance. I'm surprised by the robust nature of the response. No signed agreement - its being send 'under separate cover'. I got a reconstituted copy of credit agreement and a statement to say that 'they are fully satisfied that the sun outstanding by you remains legally due and payable'. I'm wondering if the robust nature points to there being no signature available. Cheers Iain MBNA thing attached. Robust Barclaycard CCA here Barclaycard Egg Edited.pdf
  3. Hello all- I've been reading a million MBNA related postings and while I broadly get the jist, I am really looking for a concise 'step by step' action plan. I have had an MBNA card for many years (probably 15 ish in total). The credit limit (was) high and the balance has gone up and down. Around 7 years ago, I foolishly injected cash into my company with the card as a 'temporary' cashflow prop. I never repaid the sum but continued to pay the minimum payment (the company failed a few years ago). Last month, a payment was missed - genuine stupid error while I was out of the country and wasn't looking at my bank account. MBNAs reaction has been extreme. There were at least 30 missed phone calls. Many letters, the last one was withdrawing the facility - I had made the payment (about 2 weeks late). I spoke to MBNA about lowering the interest and potentially paying the balance more quickly. They were entirely hostile to this idea. Actually, they were hostile generally. A fag packet calculation tells me that I have more than paid the balance in interest (actually double the balance!). My view is that MBNA have had their pound of flesh. They have already doubled their money and I need to get rid of this unnecessary monthly outgoing. I have sent my £1 postal order and my CCA request letter . And I have to admit that I have cancelled the direct debit for minimum payment. I don't need any credit for the foreseeable but equally don't want a completely trashed credit rating. What should I be looking for in the CCA? Ultimately, what manoeuvrability do I have to get rid of this card at a reduced / write off rate? I can't remember how I applied for this card in the first place so have no idea what evidence will be forthcoming in the CCA response (if I get one). Having paid double the original borrowed sum back, I don't feel that I am behaving unfairly in wanting to make this go away now. Thanks in Advance.
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