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  1. I bought a car in December, and found it was faulty the day after purchase. It had several issues and it turned out it was unsafe to drive for more than one reason. I sent a letter of rejection to the garage, and in that letter I told them they needed to pick up the car as it's not roadworthy at all, or we would hire a company to tow it back to their garage at their cost. They flat out refused to accept the rejection, so we took it to the card issuer, who has just approved our chargeback. We have kept the car unused in the driveway while waiting for this decision. We now need to get the vehicle off the property. We're moving thursday, and I really doubt the landlord wants a broken down car in their driveway until the garage decides they will pick it up. Because we stated we would hire a company to return the car if the garage didn't do it themselves, do I need to inform them again, or can we hire a tow company to collect the car and instruct them to bill the garage? Or do I have to send a letter all over again, telling them to pick it up?
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