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  1. Thank you for the good advice, will pay nowt and do nowt. Will post update if anything to report.
  2. Yes, agree. I could send an unenforceable letter using a template. Or just leave it in their court after stopping paying. Any idea what their normal response is to either option and what, if anything I should do?
  3. Haha, guess you've heard the story of the baby elephant tied by a chain on its leg to a small post? Is there any point me taking any action now at all?
  4. Bogroll ! In shock, having read up the clarity on enforcability is murky, but essentially appears unenforceable. Please correct me if I'm wrong ?
  5. Docs there. Looking at it realise that its a mish mash of three different docs from three distinct years. Some of the conditions are simply missing while others contradict one another. Will read up on agreements tomorrow because exhausted from this today.. CCA all docs received from Link FINAL - Copy.compressed.pdf
  6. Pay a fiver a month, total £14k ! Original CCA is from 2000 an MBNA document, it's two sides with an additional 8 sides marked MB/98 in bottom left corner of exh of the eight additional pages which I assume means MBNA 98. The gift is only available to sort the loan, so no holiday - but you've just saved good people burning money and stopped the collectors inflating their undoubtedly huge profits..
  7. Ah, Yes I sent Link a CCA request, they provided a signed copy of loan agreement. MBNA wrote stating they had assigned the debt to Link, Link also wrote stating MBNA had assigned the debt to them. It seems there is no point making any partial offer to settle, so I should just carry on as I am, I can't raise the full amount !
  8. I have not acknowledged the debt to Link, the payment is made to MBNA who as far as I know send it to Link. Because when MBNA sold the debt I disputed that I was not given statutory notice and that part of the debt was unlawful fees so could not be sold, along with the lack of notice meant that my personal info and loan info should not have been passed to Link. Ultimately MBNA did not resolve the complaint after many letters. If there is no point once defaulted making an offer, is there anything that will change the negative info that goes on my credit rating monthly Thank you
  9. I defaulted on an MBNA Credit Card Debt in 2011. It was sold to Link Financial in 2012. It is showing on my credit file as owned by Link Financial. I have been making a token payment monthly. Reading the forums I see that settlement can possibly be made with a F&F. I made a CCA request and received the signed loan agreement. I made a SAR and reclaimed the charges back in 2011 before default (unable to work). A family member has offered to gift me 25% of the total to settle it. I want to check before I go ahead - am I doing the right thing looking at F&a
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