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  1. Update. Sofa was delivered and yes I was forced to take a day off work or they would charge me storage. It's not exactly what I thought i was getting but I just cannot be bothered any more. Poor quality back cushions but the rest is fine. Tried 5 times to get the Saturday delivery money returned. On the 5th attempt threatened them with Trading Standards and at least now I have confirmation that it has been passed to their payments dept. There has been no offer of compensation and except for the first contact there has been no apology for not having the sofa ready when they arranged the first delivery or any of their subsequent failures. They have to be, without doubt. the worst company I have dealt with in years, probably decades. I going to try and mentally erase the whole experience. I've even stopped watching Gogglebox as I get angry every ad break. Thanks for reading my tales of woe.
  2. yes, the replacement was supposed to be until mine was ready. I have a bad back and it has a large seat so I have to pile a load of duvets on it or i put my back out. Hopefully the one i have purchased is better.
  3. I ordered my new sofa from Sofology and received txt on March 30th saying it was ready for delivery. I arranged a delivery date and had to pay extra for a Saturday delivery. Disposed of my old sofa and sat on kitchen chairs for 4 days. Then I received a call saying my sofa wasn't ready the night before it was due and it could be anything up to 4 more weeks. I'm also told they do not do Saturday deliveries in my area (Dorset). They offered me a replacement sofa which I accepted (It's the most uncomfortable sofa I have ever sat in) which they delivered on Good Friday. A week later I get told my sofa is now ready and I should go to their website to arrange a delivery date however, the website says that the sofa has already been delivered with no other options. Yesterday (21st April) I went on their web chat to be told they cannot arrange delivery. I have to contact the delivery people on a premium rate number to arrange a day that I presume they expect me to take off work. I have asked on 3 occasions requested to at least have the Saturday delivery monies returned and as yet I've only been told that I will not be charged but not that the money has been returned. I asked about cancelling the order and was told the money was non-refundable. I asked for the complaints dept information and was told I'd receive an email - no email was sent and I didn't get a transcript of the chat session. They seem to have the attitude that I should be grateful they are willing to let me buy from them so here is my question - As I bought on Visa is the above grounds enough to cancel the order? I will contact them to arrange delivery but I just want to know if I can cancel if needs arise.
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