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  1. Hi Firstly this issue is seperate from my other thread. In 2003 I had a bank loan with HFC bank....with PPI which I never claimed. I do not have any account information as paid the loan off 18mths after. Now I telephoned HFC bank (now HSBC) to their dedicated complaints dept re HFC and they said they could not find any details at all. They said if I had the account number they would be able to get the information. Is there another way I can still get info on this old account??? Can I get my credit history from that time as it may be on there???
  2. OK thanks for reply. Read the threads...lots of info. Now....what route would anyone recommend??? HFS Loans was the broker....now not trading. GE Money are likely to blame the broker. Is there any other grounds I could go after the Loan Provider..GE Money???? Was thinking of the 'plevin' case in mind.
  3. Read the threads... .looks like there is NO success with getting a successful claim from GE Money
  4. Yes I Group changed to GE Money as all closing statements are from GE Money Thanks for reply
  5. Just checked the paperwork..... The insurer was I Group Same as loan provider Thanks for reply much appreciated
  6. Hi Hope someone can help me here.... In 2004 I took out a secured home loan (ge money aka I group) for £7500. Single premium PPI was added to this for £1200 Also a broker fee was added £187 So now loan is £8887 I have repaid the whole loan as I sold the property in 2007 I never used the PPI and felt under pressure to have it as needed the loan at the time. Now I have ALL the original paperwork and also the FULL statements from throughout the loan. In 2011 I tried to reclaim the PPI via a 'claims company' who after four mths told me I had no case as the loan
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