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  1. My son purchased a suitcase on the 13th October 2019 from Bags 4 u retail shop in our local shopping Center Cost £ 30.00. Used it once and found that the cogs on the lock were broken and would not turn to open the lock. Tried to return it for a refund as it was faulty. They refused a refund even though it was well within the 30 days. We phoned a mobile number the lady in the shop had given us. We were again told no refund and there was nothing we could do. They told us we could do what ever we liked, contact who we liked we were still not g
  2. Thank you for replying. I have written to customers services BX1 1LT. Only address I could find.
  3. Hi Looking for some advice. I have written to Lloyds Bank 4 Times now regarding claiming back our packaged bank account fees. Sent them recorded. I have had no replies at all. Wondered if anyone has an address for this process please. Do not seem to be getting anywhere with them as yet. Thank you.
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