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  1. My gym is called 'the gym'. Link here: www[DOT]thegymgroup[DOT]com. Is there a legal template letter I should send my gym? I don't remember there being a contract of any kind. In fact if you follow the link I've provvided their main page explicitly states NO CONTRACT
  2. Hi slick thank you for welcoming me. The fee wasn't because I have left the gym - I have not and don't plan to. The fee was incurred as the usual monthly direct debit didn't go through as my bank account had no money in it. It does now, and they want to take out what I owe them plus the admin fee. THere is no way I am paying that fee if there is anyway not to. As I am new here I don't know the normal procedure for this kind of thing. Any ideas?
  3. Hello all. I have received a £12 'administration fee' from Harlands. This occurred when the £16.99 fee direct debit to my gym did not go through as I had no money in the account at the time. I am not under any kind of contract with my gym - I have not agreed to pay them for x months of membership or anything like that. I can cancel the membership at any time. Here is a copy of the email received from Harlands: Harlands administer the collection of all payments due under your agreement with The Gym Group. Your bank have advised us that your April instalment has be
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