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  1. Thanks for that! I am in possession of the watch currently but I have just heard from the company, Designer Posh Watches http://www.designerposhwatches.co.uk/ , (Yes I know!) offering to replace the watch completely, it cost about £100. I am going to accept this and hope it is the end to the story. If not I shall be back and following your advice.
  2. I bought my son an Armani watch for his 18th birthday last November. Within a few weeks it was not keeping correct time. I emailed the company who said I couldn't get a refund as it was longer than 14 days since I received it. I sent it off to be repaired. After a few weeks it returned only to go wrong again. I sent it back waited a couple of weeks emailed and got it back. Again, after a few days my son noticed the hours hand was not on the correct position particularly obvious on the hour. I contacted them and again sent it back. It came back yesterday and the hand is still not correct. This time I have included some photos to illustrate my point and asked for a refund as I feel this has gone on long enough. At each stage from purchase to now I have had to email them asking where the watch was. I've been told I would be contacted within 24/48 hours and then waited 2 weeks with no contact. I need to know what my rights are and I hope somebody here can help!
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