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  1. I apologise that i did not thank you for your advice, i agree, it was very rude of me and also wasn't done purposely. When you are capitalising your words it comes across like you are angry at me for some reason, so i just said i am not here for an argument. Thank you for your help and advice and again i am sorry if i came across rude.
  2. The telecoms provider is paid by me - I already had the contract with the phone company and my employer purchased the phone separately. - Sorry for the confusion. I do not have and never have recieved my payslip - this was something i was requesting every month but always got fobbed off with excuses. So i am guessing he was probably dodgy Thank you for your help
  3. I am only here for advice, not an argument. The email was not from my employer but from his wife asking if I would accept an extended probation period to which i said no. Nothing more was said of this and i carried on working there, so why after 3 weeks of his wife suggesting this would i still be an employee at the company if i resigned? They kept me on until they found someone else for half the money and then sacked me. I never had a probation meeting i only received an email with suggestions. All i am asking if this is fair for the employer to do? To me it is very unprofessional.
  4. I have messages from the owner detailing that the phone belongs to myself and i am responsible for fixing the screen along with him owning responsibility of breaking my phone. Yes, i pay the phone plan bills but the phone was bought from one of his friends for myself as i said i was going to buy one when i get paid, he offered to buy me one instead then and there. I have a contract stating my notice period after my 3 month probation is up that i need to give 1 month notice in writing. I have an email from the company asking if i would accept a further 1 month probation which i repli
  5. Sorry. Yes i was hoping to get some kind of compensation but i know i have limited rights as the employment was under 2 years so i am focused on receiving the full amount owed. I am hoping for someone to help put me in the right direction to see if i definitely have a case and how much it would cost me and is it worth me going down the legal route? Or any advice on where to go from here on my own to make sure i cam get my owed funds. I am glad i do not work there anymore but i wouldn't put myself out of work so would rather i had the time to find something else first. No income means
  6. Hi, I feel so alone and ganged up on in my situation of work. I had been at this job for around 5 months - 3 and a half months contractually as i started off temporary at first. I was given the role of Manager when i only applied for front of house, i had NO experience and they knew this but gave me the role anyway. I was also bought a mobile phone as they asked me to help them with social media but my phone at the time wasn't capable of doing the things they needed. The phone was said to be MINE as a way to get me to accept their job offer as at the time i had another that was
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