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  1. Hi,

    Trying to claim mis selling from Santander ( bought as A&L mortgage 1991).


    I have completed a questionnaire, they came back with it was another company who sold me the endowment, on submitting a request to them,


    they say an agency worked in their office, it has now ceased...............


    .Im struggling,

    I'm sure I've read somewhere whoever the mortgage/endowment policy is with,

    ultimately they are accountable by law,

    cannot find this anywhere now.


    Can anybody help me out with some advice on where to go with this please?

  2. just as a side issue

    drop in the that the FOS made a comment about there might be information held by Santander's insurance underwriter and maybe an avenue of the claim going to them, but he was at that time unsure who the underwriters were.



    they might cough that info up?



    Ive recently had an issue with Santander regarding an old Mortgage account from A&L days. They also said were unable to find any information relating to my mortgage. One of the advisor's did drop a nugget by saying Santander have a department who solely deal with "old A&L accounts" this may be just mortgages, not 100% sure. When i phoned and spoke to said department, low and behold, they had all the information about my old A&L Mortgage account, subsequently sending the information i had previously requested within my SAR. The A&L department number: 08000851590.

    Hope this helps and good luck

  3. Please could you help


    i have been pursuing a claim for mis sold PPI against YES car credit/DAFS for a number of years,


    i bought the car in 2001,

    I'm not covered by either FOS or associated bodies.

    I have got to the stage whereby i have advised them i will be continuing my fight through the courts,


    on Saturday i received letter From Irwin Mitchell stating amonghts other things.

    I quote

    " It is our clients primary contention that any claim brought in respect of the agreement will fail as it will have been brought outside the statutory time limits for starting court proceedings.


    The agreement was entered into by you on 20th November 2001,

    almost 16 years ago,

    and therefore,

    according to the limitation periods set out in the Limitation act 1980,

    any claim arising out of this agreement is now out of time.


    There is other gumpth with, that I'm not to concerned about and this will be their scaremongering in an attempt to put me off.


    Would just like to understand a bit more about Limitation act 1980,

    I've had a look through, to which it states "6 years",

    however my complaint is not against the Loan per say,

    it focussed around the mis selling of PPI.


    I would be grateful if you could give me a direction i can take with this,

    as do not want the bastards to get away with it any longer.


    Once I'm successful, would be more than happy to share my finding on your site, as I'm aware I'm one of thousands in the the same boat with DAFS crooks.


    I believe they scan your site looking for such information in getting themselves ahead against claimants like myself.

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