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  1. Ignor it . load of rubbish. They ll start phoning you soon and eventually send you a letter through the post . They can t do anything . Read through this thread and you ll realise you have nothing to worry about.
  2. Hi , Just thought id let you knwo i hav nt heard a dicky bird . They are phishing . ignore them , or have some fun with them , especially the idiots from the local re sellers . ha ha
  3. They will follow the same system of threats until you will receive a letter . That means they don t have an more ammo and they go away
  4. Yep either ignore them and block their e mails and phone numbers . Or send of an email to one of them stating your innocence and stating that they have no proof and are wasting their time . They will get heavy and try and scare you . Be polite and tell em to do one
  5. Its seems that you have them cornered , well done If i hear anything ill let you all know unless i am chained to a radiator at SW headquarters . ; )
  6. Nope its them from the head office in Europe , then you get the local reseller phoning and e mailing aswell . I know them because we get our works software from them . Solid Solutions
  7. Well , the fact that the owners of the software are emailing me aswell as hiring the solicitor to persue me. It means that its not a sc4m . Whether this means that they can actually do me is another matter. From what iv read on the ACS law thing is it just seemed to be a solicitor sending out letters to try and trick people into paying for movies they had downloaded ? These Solidworks cases seem to be targeting people who may actually have had an illigal copy of their software . And they are contacted by the company them selves ( albeit to try and sell them a copy of their software . It just seems different to me .
  8. So even the fact that the actual software company keeps emailing me aswell it's still makes no difference then ?
  9. Sorry i just noticed that i did nt reply properly to your question . It was from the solicitors as i expected .
  10. Oh yes , of course i forgot . I stayed up all night and read them ;P
  11. Are you able to delete a message that you have written ? I use another forum that uses the same layout which has one , but i can't seem to see one here ?
  12. Well it seems i have a recorded letter to pick up form the post office . I wonder who that is from ?
  13. Yes i found that thread , and another one from a guy in Sweden about 5 years ago . But they never said what happened to them . And i had also seen that the solicitor was taking on staff and that they had been given £400k from the Welsh Goverment .
  14. ....as i said it is just strange that there arn't people on line saying that "they tried to get me to pay up but they just went away in the end ."
  15. Well e mail so far , but as Stunned monkey has said , he has got letter s from the solicitor so i will be getting some too i expect .
  16. ....unless im looking in the wrong place ? I thought the web would be full of people talking about it ?
  17. Has anyone found any other people online that have been targeted and have said that they did nt take it to court ? It seems strange that i can't find anyone if a great number of people have been targeted .
  18. I did nt think it would make a difference . i just thought id mention it . I dont use it at home anyway .
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