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  1. Ignor it . load of rubbish. They ll start phoning you soon and eventually send you a letter through the post . They can t do anything . Read through this thread and you ll realise you have nothing to worry about.
  2. Hi , Just thought id let you knwo i hav nt heard a dicky bird . They are phishing . ignore them , or have some fun with them , especially the idiots from the local re sellers . ha ha
  3. They will follow the same system of threats until you will receive a letter . That means they don t have an more ammo and they go away
  4. Yep either ignore them and block their e mails and phone numbers . Or send of an email to one of them stating your innocence and stating that they have no proof and are wasting their time . They will get heavy and try and scare you . Be polite and tell em to do one
  5. Its seems that you have them cornered , well done If i hear anything ill let you all know unless i am chained to a radiator at SW headquarters . ; )
  6. Nope its them from the head office in Europe , then you get the local reseller phoning and e mailing aswell . I know them because we get our works software from them . Solid Solutions
  7. Well , the fact that the owners of the software are emailing me aswell as hiring the solicitor to persue me. It means that its not a sc4m . Whether this means that they can actually do me is another matter. From what iv read on the ACS law thing is it just seemed to be a solicitor sending out letters to try and trick people into paying for movies they had downloaded ? These Solidworks cases seem to be targeting people who may actually have had an illigal copy of their software . And they are contacted by the company them selves ( albeit to try and sell them a copy of thei
  8. So even the fact that the actual software company keeps emailing me aswell it's still makes no difference then ?
  9. Sorry i just noticed that i did nt reply properly to your question . It was from the solicitors as i expected .
  10. Oh yes , of course i forgot . I stayed up all night and read them ;P
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