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  1. Hi I have some paperwork. 1) Notice of Proposed Allocation to the Small Claims Track from the court. I need to return N180 by 12th June. 2) A letter from PRA suggesting I call them plus a copy of my original MBNA credit card application form, headed The Ten Minute Application Form, dated 2002. Plus a default notice from MBNA dated 2010.
  2. OK, I have submitted my defence based on post 37 and await the outcome. Still had no response from PRA to the requests. Many thanks for taking the time to respond and for all your advice.
  3. OK - does that cover all the points in the claim? I thought I had to respond to each point.
  4. Hi I have tried to answer the points though it is a bit repetitive. Does 5. need a reference to s78 or should that be CPR? I did read post 37 and it says the requests were sent with the date so I have added the dates and "sent to claimant" to clarify that. There are no solicitors on the claim form only PRA so everything has been sent to them. Also there are no paragraphs, just one long bit of text, though I realise that here paragraphs mean legal points to answer. 1.The claimant claims the sum of £5,000 for debt and interest. 2.On X/X/02 the defendant entere
  5. Hi Thank you for your replies. The figures are not the same because I changed them when I first posted. I have added something about the interest. The assigned total was 5447.86 but the claimed total is 5829.62, plus court fee and legal costs making a total amount of 6339.62. ------ Particulars of Claim 1.The claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant under a contract between the defendant and MBNA Credit Card dated on or about 03/07/2002. In addition, the claimant claims statutory interest pursuant to Section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984.
  6. OK, so here goes... I am not sure about saying I dispute receiving the letters of assigment because I did find one of these in an old folder of cc statements. Defence . The Defendant contends that the particulars of claim are vague and generic in nature. The Defendant accordingly sets out its case below and relies on CPR r 16.5 (3) in relation to any particular allegation to which a specific response has not been made. . * Particulars of Claim 1.The claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant(s) under a contract between the defendant(s) and MBNA
  7. Not sure if SB applies so should I say unenforceable? Sorry don't have any other ideas. I have not received any paperwork from PRA yet.
  8. Hi Feel a bit stunned because I have paid on a defaulted debt, though admittedly not paid very much. I sent the two letters to PRA last week as suggested. There were no solicitors mentioned on the form, the only address was PRA. Also responded on MCOL.
  9. OK, feel a bit stunned by that. I probably should have realised that before. I will respond as advised and report back. Thank you.
  10. No, this account is not showing. There is no mention of PRA or MBNA on my Clearscore or Noddle reports.
  11. Many thanks for your replies. I have made payments on and off since 2009. There might be a year or so without payment but not much longer. I was hoping to offer a reduced payment to settle this but never got enough money together. I had another MBNA account that is probably unenforceable although I do still get letters about it (also PRA). That was originally Bank of Scotland but this account was with MBNA only.
  12. Hi Name of the Claimant ? PRA Group Ltd Date of issue – 03.04.17 Date of to acknowledge - 21.04.17 Date to File Defence - by 4pm 05.05.17 What is the claim for – 1.The claimant claims the sum of £5,000 for debt and interest. 2.On X/X/02 the defendant entered into an agreement with MBNA for a Credit Card under ref XXXX. 3.On X/X/09 the defendant defaulted on the agreement with an outstanding balance of £5000. 4. On X/X/13 the debt was assigned to Aktiv Kapital who itself assigned the debt to PRA Group on X/X/14. Notices of assignment
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