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  1. Hi Thank you for taking the time to reply, I appreciate the apology and maybe I responded from an emotional angle last night. You are also correct that this is a public forum, but I would just add that to judge and give opinions would be better recieved if all factors were firstly taken into consideration. No hard feelings Take care
  2. Hi there Thank you for your ongoing support. Have a good weekend
  3. Hi Thank you for your post. In response to your apparent 'enquiry', I didn't approach this site on the basis that I thought I may have a claim for irresponsible lending against these companies and had in fact not even heard of it until some of the kind people on this site mentioned it to me. I approached the site for support - the subject heading was altered by one of the earlier mentioned kind people on the site to signpost them to it when they had chance to look further into it. I appreciate your opinion and agree what it may be viewed as being by an onlooker, but you really are
  4. Hi there Thanks as always for the help! I have uploaded all of the PDL info onto a spreadsheet and have saved it as a PDF document. It has gone onto two pages, but sits side by side, if that makes sense? Thanks again x PDL info.pdf
  5. Hi, I've just been having a nosey on Provident's site and didn't realise that they own Vanquis bank as well - could this be another reason we can use the argument of irresponsible lending given that I owe money to Vanquis, which is on a DMP, or could it be that Satsuma wouldn't necessarily realise this when doing their checks? Will post the info u requested tomorrow Thanks again
  6. Hey good evening I am so grateful, thank you for taking the time to help me. I will collate all of the into a spreadsheet tomorrow morning and upload as a PDF Thanks again X
  7. Hi yes that is correct - there are two separate accounts Many thanks
  8. Hello I have been posting on the general debt forum, but have been asked to post details on here too - any help would be massively appreciated: MyJar - £800 Satsuma - £1000 Wageday Advance - £150 QuickQuid - £400 SafetyNet Credit - £250 Drafty - £280 The above are all PDL companies who I have borrowed from recently. Drafty is a RCF with a credit limit of £300 of which I am paying approx £18 per month. Satsuma is a monthly payment of £160 for 12 months commencing at the end of May, My Jar is meant to be paid at the end of April (first payment) of £230 for six months
  9. Good morning I think I have managed to attach my updated creditor info, showing as many account opening dates as I have been able to see on my credit reports - I hope this helps and thank you again for your support thus far. x Updated creditors list.pdf
  10. Hi, Thank you - I will dig out all of the start dates from my credit reports tomorrow and post them on here - will also repost some info on the PDL forum - thanks again and I hope work isn't too painful for you tomorrow! All the best X
  11. Hello Thanks again for ypur ongoing support - the majority of the debts on the DMP were taken out between 2012 - 2015. Will get some exact dates together of you think it might help? Thank you again Awesome, thank you so much! Do u want me to just copy my initial post to the PDL forum? Sorry if that's a dumb question! Thanks so much
  12. Good evening I am really grateful to you for taking the time out today to read my posts, thank you! Please can you expand on your last post when you are next around? Many thanks
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