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  1. Can anyone tell me what kind of info I need to send to the court in preparation of the case which is in a couple of weeks time. I really want to get it all sent off today so if anyone could help me urgently, it will be very much appreciated.
  2. I am now sending off the information to the court for the case. Wish me luck. xxx
  3. bholmes


    I sent the SAR and the £10, is there anything that I can send them that is going to make them send me the rest of them, I don't want this to be drawn out for weeks and weeks.
  4. bholmes


    Hi I sent a letter asking for my statements and sent the £10 fee. They sant me half of them but said I would have to pay £3 per statement because they were not easily avaiable because they were stored on Micro something or other. any tips anyone??? Thanks B :grin:
  5. Hi Any advice would be gratefully received at this point. Barclays submitted a defence to the claim. I was unable to take back the allocation questionnaire myself so my step-father took it in for me with the money. Does anyone know how long I will have to wait to receive the court date for the claim? Is there anything constructive I can do at this point to hurry this all along because it seems to be taking a very long time to sort this out. Thanks
  6. I got an acknowledgment of service today, filed on 31st July. I know that nobody can tell me what Barclays intends to do, but according to the acknowledgement, it means that they intend to defend the claim, but according to the step-by-step guide, it is likely that they won't. Can anybody tell me what Barclays usually do at this point? and how many claims have made it to court? I have read on a lot of threads that confidentiality clauses are attached to settlements out of court. I was kind of hoping that my case would make it all the way so that this can be avoided because I was th
  7. thanks, fingers crossed everything is okay
  8. wow, that was quick. I already did it, but I didn't put the account number, do you think that will be a problem?
  9. I've written to them telling them I will only accept it as a partial offer, and because it took them the full 14 days to respond, I am issuing court proceedings at the same time because that was the time limit I first allowed them. They have tried to drag their feet, I won't let them. I am filing my claim online with MoneyClaim and was wondering if when it comes to filling out the particulars of claim, anyone has any hints, the template in the library exceeds the word limit by about 800 words. Any help - ASAP Thanks
  10. Thanks Spotty. I have just had a letter offering me half of what I want. Can I accept this but as partial payment of the claim? If I do, is there a template in the library or shall I just rattle one off myself? All help appreciated. B
  11. The time has come to send the letter before action. Since starting this whole thing and after sending the original letter, I have received another charge, can I add this in at this time? Also, going to start a claim against Barclaycard and Capital One also. Fingers crossed.
  12. Thanks - just nice to hear it confirmed by someone not so wet behind the ears when it comes to things like this
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