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  1. Again,thank you all sincerely for helping me resolve this issue and giving me quick and enlighting responses. As I mentioned before it was a first for me ,never actually thought about it before and we were led to this action due to the lack of money because neither of us had time to save up for this trip. I was only a little upset because I felt like I was treated like someone who has done this before and that is why I responded in that manner previously. I do understand it was wrong but I considered it too obvious that's the reason I didn't emphasize it too much on the original post. I know it was dishonest and illegal ,of course, and I really regret it but I was mainly concerned about the financial implications my actions might have had. Thank you though for sharing a bit of your knowledge with me and I wish you luck to keep helping other people who are in need of advice :-D
  2. Thanks again for taking time off your day to respond to me.As I previously said it was stupid what I did.It was a first for Me but I'd rather focus on solving my issue rather than making me feel even worse
  3. About a week ago my sister of 24 years of age and my under aged self arrived in London for holiday visiting our cousin,who is currently a university student. Neither of us has any source of income other than their parents and not having a lot of time to save up for this trip made it very hard for us to get by with the money we were given.Yesterday was our 7th day and we thought it would be a good idea to take some presents for back home but without much money it would be hard to acquire them. We finally decided to steal some but of course it was a STUPID idea.We were taken to the room downstairs by a really kind lady.She asked us for our info name,date of birth ,Addres.We contacted our mother with her help and she confirmed everything we told her. She told us a letter would come demanding we pay an unfairly high amount of money which could be 300-400 pound,around 10-15 times the amount of money we attempted to steal.After that she took copies of our ids and we returned home. I was mainly concerned about my mother as she would have to pay the "fine",so I started doing some intensive research and came across this site.Almost in every single case you guys provided amazing support to other members and always advised against paying the money. I know there are a lot of people like me out there but I wanted to know if the fact that I am a resident of a different country would change things.My personal opinion is that it would be even harder for them to do something that would affect me negatively. The security Guard constantly tried to remind me to pay that money and if I wouldn't they could inform the local authorities.I find it really unlikely but I would also love to have some feedback from you about my situation. If you made it to here I thank you very much and please excuse any mistakes i make made in English
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