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  1. How are you getting on? I have had a letter and now a voicemail asking me to call Stevnesdrake
  2. Stevensdrake sent me a letter re payment and asking me to fill out a form with all outgoings etc - what should I do?
  3. Yeah they never gave them anything thankfully. my old company in the UK, I only finished with them recently
  4. Hi there, these guys have just phoned my old work being really forceful trying to get my information - can they do that??
  5. Hiya, Gemma, sitting waiting for more contact from them (with s ball of dread in my stomach)
  6. I don't know if this makes any difference but there is a Notice of Assessment attached that says they basically acquired the debt from another DCA and not direct from the financial institution
  7. They have called four times, the first was at 3.26am yesterday morning
  8. If they issue a UK court claim will this effect my UK credit score?
  9. Thanks for responding, it's pretty scary, last payment was around 5years and 2 months ago.
  10. Hi there, I have recently been contacted by the above company about an outstanding debt from my time in Aus, I left 5 years ago. They have called and emailed (not sure how they got my details plus my name has changed). Below is the email from them, firstly I don't work, I am a stay at home mum and secondly, I just need any advice possible on what my course of action should be - any advice much appreciated. 'My office has made several attempts to contact you to discuss your outstanding Commonwealth Bank Personal Loan matter that has been assigned to my office. Your balance as of
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