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  1. Can i ask did you get a refusal at first? Ive tried to claim ours back as we didnt even know was on there, but they have refused saying they sent us a letter on 2013 which we didnt receive (or id have cancelled it then) and they have now said its after 3 years are them writing to us??? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?476649-PPI-Complaint-with-Barclaycard&p=5016523#post5016523
  2. Hi im hoping someone can help, we've had our barclaycard since 2007, we've always paid it the average balance is around 2k we only realised in feb we had been paying PPI. I ve sine sent a letter to barclaycard as we've never used this policy as we wasn't aware we even had it even through unemployment etc the payments have been made. They have sent a letter today advising us they are refusing the claim as they sent us 2 letters in jan and feb 2013 requesting we check all of out PPI policies and that all the information was correct and that we should have been in to
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