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  1. well I've had chance to calm going to wait and see what they do next I'm not worried about ccj not got enough money to want credit going to be in council flat till the end lol counsellor going to do me a letter explaining hostel, abuse, mental health etc pink flower x
  2. morning still trying to get my head round all the things. the letters are coming to my new address so in theory if they do take it to court do i get chance at that point to explain to the court. I'm going to see if I can get a letter from either a solicitor or adviser to say that in their opinion the debt is fraudulent. I have not received letters direct from mbna only ever from pra as I left the property the mbna had in Jan 11 long before he stopped paying in March 12. I won't send them anything yet have till 22/4 to reply pink flower
  3. ok as you see I don't understand it all lol that's the other reason I don't reply as then they know they found me. I have very little I work low pay part time so they can't have what I haven't got going to bed now didn't sleep last night reassured not to panic my usual reaction lol thanks pink flower
  4. hi dx100uk unfortunately its to my new address i dont think the police will help as i asked before and got nowhere as im to much of a nervous wreck so wont push im in counselling tomorrow so going to ask just worried about the time limits i was trying to work out if a cca request letter would at least give me time and might help me see if i did sign it or he did it on line if thats the right letter
  5. i tried looking into it but didnt get any where as part of the problem is having left with not a lot and moved area and in hiding as such, its so difficult to cope with it also i was in a relationship with him and business i signed things about the business under instruction from him so dont know ( i pretty much have have had a nervous break down since then still not much better ) do i contact them and explain or just ignore the letter i have had others asking if its me but because of the circumstances i wont reply as dont know if its him trying to find me
  6. hi dx100uk i dont know only found these things out after wards he was a bully and we were in business together at the time - pink flower there is another credit card of 800 on my file i seem to remember when i was in the hostel a adviser contacting them to explain i was in hostel and broke
  7. hi yes its on my credit file just checked it and found out when he last paid it i am now having to learn about these things lol credit files lots of letters that mean all kinds of thing adr ( alternative dispute resolution ) etc i have never paid them we split up 2011 and its since then i have been though lots of chaos
  8. the reason for not paying it was that my nasty ex ( not ex at time) got a credit card in my name and put a credit card debit onto it he defaulted the payments in march 2012 since then i have been in hostel rehoused and still under drs and counselling tablets etc i am very upset by the letter and dont know what to do i have no money live in a council flat which i like i am in court with him about other matters if its a scare tactic its worked
  9. this is the letter Dear xxxxx PRA Group (uk) limited (‘pra Group’) Account reference number xxxxxxxxx We write further to the above matter and to inform you that your account has been transferred to the investigations and litigation department. This is a letter before claim as required by the practice direction on a pre-action conduct & protocols contained in the civil procedure rules. This letter constitutes a formal demand for payment of £6000 and to give you notice of pra groups intention to issue court proceedings against you. You should consider the c
  10. hi very new to all this but hopefully some one can help i am probably in totally the wrong place though you have probably answered the question loads of times but i am not good with these things i have received a letter from pra and having had a sleepless night last night with worry decided to ask for help what do you need to know to help pink flower
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