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  1. Im confused , The IVA is a debt consolidation She was done for benefit fraud 15 years ago She has just said that she assumed the letter from the jobcentre dwp was about that money she owed , she has never claimed benefit only 15 years ago she has always worked , she can't understand why the dwp have written telling her to give the certificate that they sent her to her solicitor dealing with the case , So they get her compensation , How would the dwp even know about the CCompensation ? As she hasn't claimed benefit for 15 years Sorry i dont understand as I appreciate the time you have taken to answer me
  2. So basically the DWP can take her compensation off her ?
  3. Yeah that's what the payment is for its for the overpayment 15 years ago , she didn't claim any benefit when she had the accident she's never had benefits only 15 years ago
  4. Thank you for your reply I appreciate it I just asked her to send me the letter and in it , it says "please forward the certificate we have put with this letter to the people dealing with your compensation claim" And it's from "compensation recovery unit department of works and pensions" ?
  5. Hi all , I was hoping someone has some info that will help , My mother in law was a carer 15 years ago and they called her in 2011 and said "we have overpaid you because you didn't fill in the form correctly" she was actually done for benefit fraud , she only claimed carers that time she has always worked , They wanted £4000 off her and when she had to declare herself bankrupt and did IVA a company took on her debt and also she included the £4000 last year Well at the moment she is due compensation because a driver hit her while she was on her bicycle going to work , She received a letter Thursday off the "enforcement team" at the DWP saying that they are going to take the compensation , she is totally shocked how they even knew !! , My mother in law is a hard working person even though she is riddled with arthritis she still struggled trying to hold down her 2 jobs because she doesn't want to be on benefits , She was so looking forward to receiving the compensation she wanted to get a provisional licence and have driving lessons , all the positivity she had been feeling has gone , Are they legally allowed to ask the company dealing with the compensation to write the cheque to them? , Plus she had sorted out the debt with the IVA debt management company so why would they take it upon themselves to try and get the money back ? Any help would be so much appreciated And thank you for your time
  6. Hi everybody , I've searched for days hoping to find someone who has or is in a similar position as myself , I failed my pip assessment back in October last year and the woman I seen said a lot of lies , I asked for a MR but it still stayed at 0 points , So I sent it to the tribunal in December and asked for a paper hearing (after researching I know that it's a better outcome with a oral hearing but I had no choice but to do a paper one) , I sent them everything I could I had my DR surgery to me a medical printout of my record (computer copy) , After 2 months the tribunal sent me a letter asking me to sign it giving them permission to ask my Dr for medical records , which I did , When I rang them up on last week he said that a copy had been sent to myself and a copy to the DWP , and the next available paper hearing it would be heard then , I received them and it's just a copy of what I'd sent them (but I just sent in the relevant parts) , I thought maybe they would have asked my Dr for info , I'm panicking about the outcome has anyone else had this and what was the outcome , I'd be so grateful for any information Thanks ahead
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