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  1. Hi all, just thought I would provide an update. I have applied to barclaycard and they dismissed the application so no joy there. I called the shop (it took a lot of strength to do this) and spoke to the other owner, who was equally unprofessional. Her argument centred on what the shop had to lose and again we debated what was acceptable quality. I warned them of the next steps and they did not seem bothered. They told me that an impartial adjudicator could come and inspect the quality, but I don't have any means or contacts to do this, I am c
  2. Thanks for your replies. I paid by Barclaycard but according to their website, you need proof that the garment is faulty. I think seeing the dress next is the answer. Thanks again
  3. I put a £900 deposit down on a dress in October 2016 with a small wedding dress shop. I signed a contract that said that it is not possible to have a refund of the deposit. It was ordered and when the dress arrived in March, I went into store to try it on. It had loose threads and rows of beading falling off the front of the dress (costing £1700 in total). The store assistant apologized and said that it was not good. I left the store and the dress in their care and said that we would try and sort something out. I had to leave and I did not take photos. A family member and the store
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