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  1. Hi GASS, I've just read your story and I'm really sorry about what happened to you. I have a similar situation thought my car was £8K and I have proof from Audi the issues with the engine pre-existed the sale by months and the seller had been driving it during that time. May I ask what happened with your car in the end? I have written to the seller as advised by the citizens advice referencing the sale of goods act though part me of thinks the mispresentation act is more appropriate as the seller stated the car was in 'excellent condition' and we've been told by Audi the problems h
  2. Hi All, Just to give you an update. The letter via citizens advice which they have advised along with a solicitor that the seller breached the sale of goods act which can be used still in conjunction with a private sale. We now have 14 days to wait but the law looks to be on our side which still confuses me as all I keep reading online is 'buyer be ware' re private sale and the fault would be ours not the seller. I want to feel confident to push forward re small claims if the seller wont give me my money back. I am willing to fight for this for principle more than anything as in my head s
  3. Hi BankFodder, Thank you so much for taking the time to email me. I feel pretty clear as to exactly what I will be writing in my letter (I'll work on it after sending this email). I purchased the vehicle for £8000 and judging by the report and evidence received from Audi (I have digital and paper copies) it seems that delving in to ascertain a route cause and aim for repair might reveal additional underlying issues which we figure might give us even more heartache and stress in the future. Im going to keep the details of the letter confidential at this point however rest assured I ha
  4. Thank you Zoe, this is really helpful. I'm going to write to her tonight and send it off with the evidence in the morning and as you say give her 14 days to come back. Congratulations on winning your case - it's those kind of victories in life we shouldnt have to experience but at least justice was done
  5. Hi Zoe, Thank you so much for replying, I read your story just before typing mine out and I can completely emphasize with you. Please can I ask, did you go through small claims court in the end? Also, how did they say the car was misrepresented (fraud, negligence or innocence?) was it from the original advert tied in with the evidence you had? I'm sorry to ask so many questions but we're at a loose end a the moment and unsure as to how best proceed with the seller in terms of writing to her again. May I also ask, the money you're getting back, is that just the amount you paid o
  6. Sorry, I meant to say that a misrepresentation by way of 'opinion' can be deemed statement so long as the seller knew they were making a false claim 'excellent condition', when she knew it was far from that, to induce the buyer into purchasing.
  7. Hi All, I was unlucky to have experienced car accident back in February (other driver liable) where my Audi A1 was written off and I'm going through physio for my whiplash. In March I decided to purchase a used Audi A1 and found one on Autotrader via a private seller. I still have the description of the vehicle which stated what the car came with and also that the car was in 'EXCELLENT CONDITION'. My Dad went to check the vehicle, asked standard questions and took it on a test drive - all seemed fine and we made the transaction via a bank transfer. I received a bill of receipt s
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