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  1. I posted a while ago that I had written to Paragon about PPI I had taken out in 1989 with my National Home Loans mortgage, to be fobbed off and told I should take it up with the financial broker. "We realise this may be a disappointment to you". The financial adviser happened to be a friend of a friend at the time, and I've found him on Facebook. He seems to be doing very well ("one of the UK’s best-known bankers" ) so I wouldn't feel bad if the PPI was to come out of his pocket, although I doubt that would be the case? Would any of you kind and knowledgeable folk have any advice a
  2. Thank you, I will just drop them a "please note change of address".
  3. Hello all, Cabot are writing to my old address, from which I get some mail forwarded, but certainly not all. The latest letter is a statement regarding a debt which is definitely SB, nothing paid on it since 2009. The amount was about 1.2k; Cabot have now added a transaction with something like "LGL ADJUST BAL" on it with a "credit" about £570. They have written YOU NEED NOT TAKE ANY ACTION on it. Is this an attempt to make it look as though there's been activity on the account? I don't know whether to send an SB letter, probably best to ignore? I'd rather they d
  4. Hello BB, no, I didn't think it worth it, just wanted to add a "me too" as shared info so people know this is what Ruthbridge do, and they're still doing it. I'm not bothered by them at all.
  5. Hello, I had to go back two years to find a thread on these chancers! Nothing I'm worrying about, just to let people know they're still pulling this one - two letters within a fortnight, referring to a debt that last saw any action in 2009.
  6. Thanks guys. The other lot who've appeared out of the woodwork are Ruthbridge acting for Egg; a couple of letters telling me I need to contact to avoid action. That is way over the sb period so not concerned, I may just add a line to an existing thread on them.
  7. Really? OK, thanks. I've not always felt up to it (you know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed by this stuff) but am in a good place now.
  8. Hiya dx, thanks. I did get all the statements at the time of the CCJ and went through marking all the interest and charges, and totalled them; but the court didn't entertain them, and made judgment including all the charges. (The judge actually said "you can't behave like this!" to me and cut me short.) I don't think I could overturn that now? I never had PPI with them. I've sort of taken it on the chin, some you win, some you lose, but having a CCJ has made it difficult for me to get work, so for that, I regret not handling this one better and being more prep
  9. Hello everyone, I'm posting this as a heads-up for others as much as a call for help. I walked away from some debts 6-7 years ago, so all s-b and I've heard very little (the occasional half-hearted phishing letter). I am living credit-free and within my means. The exception was an MBNA debt which went to Link, who got a CCJ in the autumn of 2011. I'd hoped to counterclaim on their outrageous charges and horrible harassment but I'd failed to do my homework properly, so I lost. The court did set the repayments at £10 a month for evermore (on £6000), which I pay b
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