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  1. I have SAR I have all the docs, I uploaded them, it clearly states "optional" payment protection, should I just stick with product unsuitable? Or that I wasn't aware of it? To be fair I just wanted the loan and signed what they put in front of me.
  2. Thanks for the tip, it does state"optional payment protection" on the agreement. I will do it myself I think, do you think it's worth including the complaint about ppi not being suitable for me?
  3. Eeek, sorry about that. I will upload again with info properly blocked out. Thanks DX, so as my loan is pre 2011, I can't claim? Welcome seemed quite happy to accept a complaint based on these dates. My question is was I mis-sold due to the reasons given? Thanks
  4. Hi... First time post here, after being told a few years ago by welcome finance I didn't have PPI on 2 loans from 2004, a claim company checked again for me and it transpires i do have PPI on both. I don't remember taking PPI out although I was a suggestible 21 year old who wanted a fast loan for a holiday and another for a driving license crash course. I have the credit agreements and can see PPI is clearly listed and listed as "optional", however as I was working full time, living at home with mum and dad and had some money in the bank with very little debts/overheads. .. was this mis-sold to me? and if so how should I structure a claim? I am considering using a [removed] for ease of use and I've heard bad press about Welcome, although they were quite helpful and willing to assist with registering a claim when I called them. Any help greatly appreciated... Agreements attached. Thanks for any help WELCOME CAs.pdf
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