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  1. Don't know. Not sure on all this, where a "debt" is concerned. Having said that I have made an offer of £9.99
  2. Still no e-mail or postal response - However, a barricade of texts asking me to contact them! These best not hit me with a court date. Feeling very uneasy with regards to these
  3. Hi All, Hopefully someone out there can help me, and put an end to this matter! I have used some of the information on CAG, to which the current state of play is below. Firsly, a bit of back ground. I cancelled my £9.99 DD on the back of personally going to my local Xercise4less, to tell them I do not wish to continue the membership - To be honest I don't think they were that bothered, well not by the attitude of the member of staff I spoke too anyway. I did, I cancelled my direct debit and thought nothing of it. Until I received an initial lette
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