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  1. They're claiming £3252.00, of which £3193.00 is the managed loan. I'm not sure what you mean that I've given them a target now? Surely, they are guilty of non-compliance with PAP and telling downright lies? In claiming that the account relates to an OD that I didn't have.
  2. No, a letter before action sent on two different occasions (which was not titled as such but they acknowledge in their closing paragraph of the above reply to me) and a form for me to jot down my incomings and outgoings.
  3. Not protecting them at all, just wary of Restons watching as I've heard they sometimes do.
  4. Hi Bankfodder, Firstly, it was HSBC, the DCA is Arrow, and the Solicitors is Restons. Because HSBC wrapped up all my debt into this managed loan, I wasn't allowed to have an overdraft. So the a/c number they are quoting was my old current a/c with no overdraft and was only £59.00 in debit because they added charges when I abandoned it. What they are quoting in their letters to me is the current a/c number (which is not the loan a/c number) and claiming this loan as an overdraft. I have sent them a letter requesting that they follow pre-action protocol and provide me with the detai
  5. Hi guys, Really feeling a bit as though I'm in over my head and could do with a bit of help from you. Without going into masses of detail straight off the bat, the background is:- In 2005, I got into difficulty and my bank wrapped up all my credit card debt, overdraft, and loan into a 'managed loan', total of which was circa £10K. Fast forward to 2011, I was again in trouble, had an accident in August 2010 in which I broke both legs, which was the start of the slippery slope and to cut a long story short, I defaulted on this loan, of which there was £3193.00 outstanding.
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