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  1. Thanks for the advice, I was on another forum and they were adamant it is card protection for loss. But if that was the case why would I pay more for a higher balance. I think it changed in 2005 as I was searching and it was showing policies sold after this date were in fact purely for theft purposes. I had no need for PPI as I had a zero balance every month and only took the card fot the clubcard points
  2. Hi I am trying to get clarification if the cardholder protection plan on my Tesco card in the years 2000 - 04 were in fact PPI. The amount changed each month depending on how much I had spent. I did not have a balance on the card as it was paid in full each month, many times overpaid. I think in the 4 years I only got charged interest a few times. Also on the same card we had a yearly Sentinel protection paid once per year. What I am confused about is if this was in case my card got stolen, why would the amount fluctuate? surely it would be a standard price per year or month.
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