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  1. Im certainly confused too Didnt reject it after two days, but called him about problems after 6 days he fixed the two minor ones and said on two occasions hed fix the oil leak got dragged over 30 days after buying it, but im sure that it gets extended if he has the car in being fixed, which he did for 3 days, and it was the 31st day he started ignoring me (obviously thinking he knows the law) judge today seemed very obsessed with whether it was road legal or not, i know an oil leak is an advisory, but £350 to fix something on a car that was present when he sold it to me is not ok
  2. honestly i dont know what type of hearing. i thought the case was going to be concluded today and it hasn't the directions were that another hearing would take place within 8 weeks, that I had to pay another £80 for that hearing Was told me and the trader would have to email each other to agree to an independent mechanic to diagnose whether the car was road worthy back in Decemeber, and that we would have to split the cost of up to £750 I was under the impression the law doesn't mean whether it was road legal or not, but whether it was sold in a condition suitable for i
  3. Hi Guys, this is what I've presented to the court, and after a hearing today Ive been told I have to spend another £455 for another hearing and an expert mechanic as a witness. Hoping someone can give me advice as I'm nearly 2k down the drain and Im a full time carer for my disabled girlfriend and cant afford to keep fighting if theres a chance of losing. 8th December 2016 Bought VW Polo from Motors for £500 cash plus £400 trade-in value for my girlfriend's Vauxhall Corsa. Mr R inspected the Corsa and told us that in it's current condition it was worth £400 (which he reiterates in
  4. Car was bought on the 8th December, and reported the fault on the 10th December
  5. Hey guys thanks for your responses The problem was indeed taken for repair once and the problem was still there when checked by my garage I did book the car back in with the dealer again but couldnt make the appointment, and since that hes refused to repair, replace or refund me since, saying that it was my risk to purchase a second hand car and that because the car my girlfriend traded in required £480s worth of work (we traded it in for £400), he wouldn't refund us The problems were over the Christmas period, and the two appointments he booked were nearly a week after the faults
  6. Hey guys, was wondering if you could give me some advice on whether I've handled a used car situation, as after putting it off as much as possible, I've been given no other choice but to take a car dealer to court 8th December, me and my girlfriend traded in her Corsa for £400, for a Polo plus £500 cash (£900) total. The dealer checked her car, and had access to it for about 4-5 hours. I test drove one car, which broke down straight away, then test drove a similar but more expensive one, but only at 30mph up and down the local road. I refused the £50
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