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  1. There is no list of covered and not covered conditions. The only bit that refers to it is: Definition of incapacity this is the definition which we assess the claim against the two most common definitions of incapacity are explained below own occupation you are unable to perform the duties of your usual occupation due to illness or injury. These are the duties that you need to do to effectively carry out your occupation that cannot be cahnged or removed any suited occupation You are unable to perform the duties required of an occupation that you are suited to in terms of
  2. Amazing steampowered thanks for your help! I missed that in my googling. I am emerging from a long period of time where everything seemed so overwhelming. Am onto it (and several other problems that accumulated) Again thanks
  3. First of all, thanks all for contributing to this forum, your time and efforts are highly appreciated! I have received a Final Decision (rejection) from my employer's Group Income Protection insurance (UNUM) I have asked my employer to appeal UNUM's decision through the FOS (as I am not the policyholder) but they have declined to do so and refused to send me a copy of their T&C with UNUM. I am still off sick with bipolar and anxiety disorder and my claim is roughly around 16k£ Any suggestions? I feel like my only recourse at this point is against my employer
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