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  1. Thanks for all the advise so far. I have now received a BW legal letter of claim relating to another incident of this. Looking at other instances it appears as though its just another tell BW legal where to go reply. Is this correct ? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the info guys, i just wanted to be sure that they couldn't come after us as the vehicle keeper if i refused to name the driver, cheers.
  3. Hi everyone, I am just after a bit of advice on how best to hand a PCN issued to one of our vehicles for 'stopping' on Liverpool business park. The vehicle in question had a puncture and the driver parked up in a disused driveway, whilst waiting for the fitter to go to him to replace the tyre. We received the usual 'PCN' from VCS to which I appealed, i have now had a reply from them saying that they will only hear the appeal if I provide the drivers name and address, for which i am not prepared to do, as the appeal will be rejected and they will bombard the poor sod
  4. Hi Everyone, I have received two more letters headed 'notice of outstanding charge' which says the usual we have not heard from you, out client may commence court proceeding etc etc blah blah but also shows estimated court costs etc. I am guessing the scare letters are approaching the end game now ? How many more are we likely to get ?
  5. Is it likely they will try it in court ? I would be surprised given that we are a limited company
  6. lol i will just ignore them then Thanks guys !
  7. Hi Everyone, I have received two more letters now from BW Legal now entitled 'Final Notice' It goes on to say that we have wrote to you on xxx and we haven't heard from you and our client demands payment now etc etc etc. It also says though that they have been instructed by their client to commence court proceedings if the balance is not received in 14 days etc. In then goes on to to mention ccj's etc before mentioning that the case of private eye vs Beavis and this would eliminate any defence we would rely upon Do i need to do anything or is it just the standard blur
  8. Just a though but is it worth me writing back to them asking for a copy of the agreement as signed by the driver, and insisting that its in Polish
  9. Hi everyone, This is the latest reply i have had from B W Legal. Dear Sir, We write in reference to the above matter and your recent correspondence. On xxxxx, you stopped on a roadway where stopping is prohibited at the Int business park, Liverpool. The signage located blah, blah blah, you have breached the terms & conditions blah blah blah and are liable for the balance. Notwith standing the above, our client is amenable to resolving the matter without the need to issue county court proceedings and we therefor invite you to contact us within 14 days of this l
  10. How about this ? I am replying to your letter dated 28th March 2017. There has been no breach of contractual conditions. Refrain from contacting us again, as any further instances will be treated as harassment, and reported as such
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