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  1. Thing is if I make a formal application for a duplicate then I won't be able to report it as stolen later. I've been given very clear advice that I will be refused a duplicate... I'm leaning towards making a police report to say it was stolen from my seat...
  2. As far as i know, the electronic strips are the method of access through gates etc, but these cannot be cancelled remotely so the tickets that are issued remain active... so I can see their point that they could lose revenue through fraud...
  3. Hi there, the wording on their season ticket leaflet terms and conditions is as follows : "if you lose your Season Ticket or it is stolen, report this immediately to the ticket office where you bought it. You should also report this to the police. If you or we cannot recover the lost or stolen ticket, we will then consider an application for a duplicate ticket, it the original was issued for a period of one month of more. We only allow one duplicate issue in an 12 month period. However we will only allow a second duplicate issue if : (a) the original season ticket is returned t
  4. Thanks for the welcome HB13. Yep I'm buying tickets at the moment, which is killing me at £54 a day. I'll get a weekly next week but funds are low. I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice to get round this issue and get SWT to issue a 2nd duplicate. Do I make up a story and file a report? Would they take pity on me because it's the 2nd time in a year rather than a month? Literally any advice... I know I screwed up here by leaving it on the train in the first place. thanks all T
  5. Good day all, I'm in a bit of a panic here. I have a £4500 season ticket with SWT. I managed to lose it about 1 month into the ticket and was interviewed by revenue protection and subsequently given a replacement. Last night as I got up to let a lady off I folded the tray back with my season ticket in there and forgot to take it down again before getting off leaving my ticket on the train. Realising my mistake I tried to call the guard and SWT 30 mins after. However there were no numbers I could get through to. I spoke to the guard this morning and he advised that I wouldn't be
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