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  1. Good news! Came home to find a letter on the mat. Sending a letter to Lidl CEO seems to have done the trick. It was handled by a Laura Johnston on his behalf. The parking charge has been cancelled. Thanks to everyone that gave me advice. Appreciate it.
  2. Any advice on the above would be appreciated - postal service with upcoming Easter weekend will make timing tighter. I have been reading other Athena related posts here. Am I right in thinking they are a member of IPC and therefore use IAS? Does this mean I should be appealing and asking for an IAS code, or is it best not appealing at all? Thanks.
  3. Appeal date is coming up assuming 21 days after issue date is any day and not working days, which would make appeal date the 19th. I would say Lidl have not had a chance to respond to my letter yet, was sent on the 6th via first class. Should I start thinking about sending the appeal to Athena? Of what I've read, they seem to refuse whatever material you put in the letter, so content is not all that important as long as I recieve a POPLA code and keep the ball rolling correct? Many thanks.
  4. Cheers Eric, Yes I've read copious threads on this now. There is a healthy number of Athena ANPR Ltd related successes on money saving expert site who have had their PCN cancelled by emailing the CEO. I will get on putting pen to paper for this letter. The CEO appears to now be a Mr Christian Hartnagel. His email address is in a fair few threads on pepipoo, however finding an actual postal address for him is proving to be difficult. Can I assume he resides at head office? I have head offices address as: Lidl UK GmbH 19 Worple Road Wimbledon London SW19 4JS.
  5. Sorry, the email was sent before I received that advice (it was sent late on Monday). Do I ignore this email? (they have no details that link this email to the incident), or do I respond to it instructing them not to pass on any details? And as a next step should I send them a letter, mentioning the illegal signage and instructing them to get Athena to cancel the ticket? Do I need to be careful of any pitfalls (which I appear prone to ) when wording the letter? Your advice is appreciated.
  6. I've received a response from Lidl, I intentionally left out personal details, dates, reg numbers or any personal information at all when composing the email to Lidl stating how disgusted I was about their parking tactics, and that I was willing to put my opinion all over their social media channels. This is the response I received today: Dear XXXXXXXXXX Re: Parking Charge Thank you for contacting us regarding the above. The most efficient way to appeal your parking charge is to do so with the Car Park Management company direct. Details of how to do this will be on
  7. Ah, makes sense. The email was sent yesterday, should I just re-iterate and send a postal version? Or should I leave it as it is now that it has been sent? Also is there anything I should be doing in the meantime? Should I be appealing to Athena and requesting a POPLA code? Many thanks.
  8. Cheers Oddfellow. I'll try and get an email together, alternatively I can go talk to the manager face to face when I go there tonight to photograph the signage. Few photos of forms and signs. The notice to keeper letter (should this mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012?) A giant banner, indicating that the car park for Lidl is at the bottom of this road (no mention of Athena on this sign, and its the first sign you see) The sign beneath the ANPR camera on one of the entrances (there are 2, the car was clocked on the second one). There are a few of these
  9. Thanks for the advice ericsbrother. I think you may be right about the PP being for the large Lidl signs. I'll head over there after work to take a load of photographs. The parking signs don't appear to be illuminated at all however. There is also a second entrance/exit that doesn't seem to be covered by the camera. When you say get on to Lidl in writing - am I right in thinking recorded postal is the way to go, or will email suffice at this stage? I'm not an advocate of social media, but I know its a powerful tool, and Im pretty sure my wife uses both twitter and facebook, so that c
  10. I believe I've found the planning permission for the signs. The store sits between two streets, so its registered on the opposite one to the store. It reached a final decision for the proposal "TO ERECT INTERNALLY ILLUMINATED POST MOUNTED AND WALL FIXED SIGNS. " with conditions "Approved with standard advert conditions 18-10-1996". So unfortunately it would appear that they do have planning permission for the signs assuming parking charge notices fall under standard advert conditions. Also unfortunately it was not a full shop, there are less than 20 items on the receipt. But I suppo
  11. I attempted to phone the store only to find the number is directed to a national customer service number. The person was un-sympathetic, and said the store was for lidl customers (which I said my wife was, and has a receipt to prove it) and that she had overstayed the allowed duration of 90 minutes, and that there was many signs and posters up showing this. She did ask why she took so long, and this is where I may of made a mistake. I told her she parked and did her shopping while her dad went to visit his mother in hospital which is on the same road. She said I should appeal to
  12. Hello, My wife recieved a notice to keeper letter from Athena Ltd today. She had overstayed the allowed time of 90 minutes by about 30 minutes. She had shopped at Lidl and has the reciept to prove this. I have read a fair few posts on this website, and have a general idea of how this works out, but would appreciate help. Many thanks. Here's the answers to the questions from the other sticky post: 1 Date of the infringement 24-03-17 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received w
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