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  1. So would you believe it... letter (n24) from court turnt up the post. Says on it that neither party turnt up to court. Why would they not turn up? It is ordered that I pay £168.96. Which is more again? It doesnt however say when it has to be paid by or any terms. Do I have 28 days from the letter date or from court date?
  2. My Local court have an answering machine message saying ' we do t deal with admin call this number at this court for admin' Which I've done but just cannot get through it's constantly engaged. Why have I not got a letter telling me anything this is ridiculous. Monday is 28 days, so what I get a ccj now because no one bothered to let me know the outcome? Just found something online saying I have 1 month to pay it from when I receive the judgement. Does that sound correct? I've been thinking it's 1 month from the date of court.
  3. I've tried for last 2 days solid to call court but I cannot get an answer. Should I call moriarty law? Thanks
  4. What's the date of judgement? Do they not make a decision when it went to court on 18th Sept?
  5. Just seen this will do first thing in morning. Find it strange moriarty haven't been straight onto me if the were awarded me to pay.
  6. Morning, I have not heard a thing from the court about what happened or moriarty. If I only have 28 days before I get a ccj. Then surely someone should have let me know the outcome etc. Monday 16th Oct is 28 days from court date. Thanks
  7. I got worried and didn't go. I had no idea what to say or do. If they asked what my argument was what would I say? I guess i would have just lost anyway so why go anď loose money from work also.
  8. What makes the non dd fees unlawful? Yes they told me I cancelled on 28th October. Honestly I can't recall none of this. Why would it's over 5 years ago. So I have to assume what they say is correct.
  9. I don't recall ever leading you to believe I was going statute barred defence. I looked back and the 3rd and 2nd to last posts on page 2 show this. Last payment date was 8th Sept 2011. So yes 6 years is up now but that doesn't make it statute barred does it? As they started this process before hand. I did state these dates in previous posts so again maybe I've got this wrong but why would you think it was statute barred?
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