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  1. thank you for your rapid response! so should I send a letter or just email them? there should be no legal basis as the bag was not harmed in any way, and any costs they try to claim for "security staff" are surely already accounted for as it is their job? there are many different criteria for which they are trying to make me pay for, no category of which my case falls into. I have no idea why they say it was
  2. Hello CAG! As stated im 16 years of age. I am ashamed to say that one day I was extraordinarily stupid and stole an £8.00 rucksack from primark. I was stopped and detained by two men (who were very rude and arrogant) who proceeded to demand my name and address, which they said they would check on "police radio". I gave them said info and they let me go. A few weeks later I receive a letter from "RLP" demanding £186.50, and claiming that I stole £12 worth of goods. I have a few questions. what should I do about the letter and fine? is the police rad
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