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  1. Quite right, which is why I said in the post just before yours, "My son and his mother have just gone to the bank again as my son just cancelled his card and didn't make it plain he thinks he has been defrauded". Which is why they went back to the bank, to make sure further payments were cancelled. As it was, the branch couldn't do anything, instead giving us a number to ring, which I did. They have made sure no further payments will be taken and have refunded the two payments in full! They did however caution that should the company (if you can call i
  2. I have spoken to my local Trading Standards a short while ago. They were very nice and were pretty much 99.9% certain this is a rip-off. I am 100%. They quoted much of the links already in this thread and said they see this type of rip-off a lot. They apparently have found information going back to 2010 on the net. The company changes names or websites and often telephone numbers etc or operates under different websites at the same time. Trading Standards say they just use numbers (0800,03 etc) linked to their mobiles. They have emailed the local Trading Standards for the area w
  3. Thanks for the advice. Speaking about threats, my son had his first one by email off them dated Feb 13th but only now he noticed it. It says, "Further to our previous correspondence, [never had any previous letters from them] we write in respect of your unpaid debt of £58.00. This amount should now be settled immediately or we will instruct our recovery agent forthwith. Our agent will make additional charges to your costs and this action may affect your credit rating in the future. To avoid said action, we require an immediate payment in full or against your balance.
  4. OK. Just re-checked his bank account and the payments were not Direct debit. It says "POS" which I think must be a debit card payment, which I suppose explains why they telephone for each payment. That being the case, is there a way to claim this money back from the bank? I also told my son to order a new card to be sure that they can't take any more from him as I would think that is the only sure way.
  5. You know what, for his sake and my sanity, I'm going to push back. My son has done well to get where he is and he won't be able to deal with this but I'm going to. We live in Wales. The direct debit guarantee. So I would (or my son more like it) apply to the bank for a refund based on we feel this is a [problem]? is there a time limit for a refund as it's been just under a couple of months ago when the first payment was made. I've already reported this via Action fraud and have emailed my local Trading Standards which can hopefully get involved. Thanks again
  6. Thanks for getting back. All the links that are posted are the ones that I found as well, doesn't look good. He has paid twice via Direct Debit. For some reason they phone him each time before payment for him to agree payment. In my experience, all my direct debits are automatically taken and I am not contacted by companies to take a direct debit before they take it, they just take it. This is a strange way to take the money and I wonder (possibly incorrectly) that him giving permission every time they want money somehow covers their backs should a claim for a refund be chased.
  7. Hi I am looking for some advice/information on behalf of my son. He has a small window cleaning business. He has also had learning difficulties all of his life, but gets by with a little (lot really!) of help from us. Every so often I check his bank account (Yes, I have his full knowledge and consent) to try and make sure he is managing his money OK and check for 'odd' transactions as he is quite susceptible to being [problem]med, basically he will sign up for anything anybody tells him to. I recently noticed a Direct Debit for £58.00 to a company called RCP Media. I a
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