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  1. Hi just as a question I have a receipt of posting along with a picture of another receipt of posting which I can't find I have a picture. All the letters were hand written and I didn't make copies does this matter?
  2. it said we may pursue in county courts then had a few points which I mentioned would happen. So what do I do ignore again?
  3. They now sent another letter this time saying the same thing about they want to reach a solution and if I don't pay the account balance of £133 they would write a formal letter giving final opportunity to pay then it failed issue proceedings to county court. And they would take me to Court. What do I do getting worried now Should I send Another letter saying I will pay £16 but no admin fees and this time explain I am not paying by phone rather I need your bank details?
  4. They have an email saying the same thing can you call our offices and make the payment your balance is £133. I'm assuming same thing now just ignore?
  5. They've sent another letter this time by the CRS Saying we've been employed by my gym as your membership remain in arrears despite previous letters being sent you. As a result of this our fees totalling £66.50 have been added. Therefore your account balance stands at £133.49 [removed] I've sent numerous letters and they are adding more fees what do I do??
  6. they sent another letter which didn't answer anything and now I feel like I'm wasting time money and it's just a headache chasing this up. They replied with the following Further to your recent letter to our offices Harland's can confirm you signed up to a one month membership. This one month is a contracted payment. It was marked to cancel after this first payment however you cancelled your direct debit too early which lead to a missed payment. Please contact our offices to make final payment and cancel the agreement Firstly what they stated didn't answer anythi
  7. What happens if I wrote a cheque would that work or is it best to do as you say?
  8. So I got an email after sending a letter and this is what it says Further to your recent letter to our offices, Harlands can confirm that you signed up to a one month membership, this one month is a contracted payment. It was marked to cancel after this first payment. However you cancelled your Direct Debit too early which lead to a missed payment. Please contact our offices to make the final payment and cancel the agreement. For all Enquiries Call Harlands : 01444 449166 () Quote Reference : xxxxxxx Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9am - 1pm, 2pm - 5pm Yours since
  9. Hi thanks for all the help I just wanted to ask if I sent the letter by a standard post i.e first class or second is that enough or would I need it tracked and signed for and pay for this. you said get a free certificate of posting what is this?
  10. Hi what address should I post the letter to and is there any way I can prove I've sent the letter on my behalf?
  11. Because i thought ignoring would be fine and assume it would be ignored as others have because btw i wasnt actually told about the incurring of charges which i thought i did so would me ignoring be the best case? As i dont really want to pay for something i dont think im eligible to pay for but if it means i have to i will
  12. Hi I posted something similar before just wanted to give a quick run down. I was signed on to a no contract gym membership and cancelled after the first payment came out and did this in person w the gym and with my bank as I was told. I received a first letter from Harland's stating I owed them a £25 admin fee along with the cost of a missed DD payment even though I had cancelled and it wasn't a contract. I received another letter saying another charge had occured and how this will be passed to a debt recovery company. Should I be worried? I was thinki
  13. What happens if i completely ignore Harland's letter and don't respond
  14. Because i was told on the letter to give the payment by the 30th me sending the letter now, would it cause problems? Would they charge me more. Also what address on the letter i send should it to. Finally who do i pay IF they accept my terms Harland's or my gym. And if they don't accept as you said and i ignore them does this mean i should not pay the one month 16.99 aswell. Sorry for all the questions worried and new to this. Thanks for the help aswell
  15. who exactly do i contact and via what means? And could you link slick132 I'm new and don't really know who that is
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