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  1. Or should I just bite the bullet and call the solicitors back to get the info I require? I'll have to ask for Colins file not Callums.
  2. Thank you for the speedy reply this is really nerve wracking to just come out of the blue like this. The solicitor called and I denied the damages and explained the circumstances and she ended the call saying she needed to review the information she had. She said she would call next week if it was to go further and that if I didn't hear from her not to worry, although I asked her to call even then just to confirm. So far I have no registration of the vehicle, no idea of the 3rd party it was hired through and no reference/account number to request. I will stay poised to send the SAR
  3. In April 2016 I hired a 7.5t van from a company online. They did not deliver on the stated day and didn't tell me it would come the next. A driver from this company was waiting in a Sixt 7.5t van angry that I wasn't in when he arrived, made me sign the document threw the keys in the cab and drove off. I arrived at my destination (a few 100miles) and 2 days later 2 Sixt reps turned up to collect. They noticed old wear and cracking on one of the tires, they were very unhappy with the depot/yard in the south allowing it to be out on the road. The damage was photographed
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