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  1. The car is a Ford Mondeo 59 plate. I had got the quote from a local mechanic but fowlers said they won't pay it and wanted to know why it needed a full exhaust. They also then said that they want to repair it and order the parts themselves. I'm having problems getting it repaired and cannot get anywhere with anyone from after sales or the branch, no one is interested in sorting it out and the after sales manager Mark has apparently left and not coming back. I thought about paying to have it repaired but i risk fowlers not paying me the money back.
  2. I have recently got a car from Fowler's Finance 2 days after getting it home I found out that the exhaust was hanging down under the car and had broken away from the bracket. Upon checking the paperwork for my MOT certificate it was on the current MOT as an advisory, I contacted Fowler's and they told me due to the distance from the garage that I could get an independent quote from a garage to repair the car and send it to them and they would pay it to be repaired. The garage sent a quote back for around £800 and Fowler's said No it was too much and it would have to go to
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