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  1. I bought a printer but couldn't figure out how to connect it to the internet to upload any files so I returned it. I copied and pasted the letters word for word , and added my details.
  2. Checked my credit record, its showing I owe nearly 5k. They haven't told me what they got for the car or deducted it from the amount I owe. where do I go from here?
  3. A few months ago I purchased a car from a dealer with the car finance company. They lent me £6500 and I paid a £1000 deposit as the car I wanted was £7500. when I took out the agreement I was in part time employment. My mum then got diagnosed with COPD ( lung disease) and heart failure and needed me to be her carer. I left employment and informed the company of that. The company then did another budget planner and realised with their payment I was in deficit each month because my only income is currently benefits. My mum is now terminally ill doctors aren't sure how
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