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  1. Hi No different judge to me but not to worry as most seem to hate the parking pirates. Both my cases were based on bw/excell not being able to produce evidence of the parking meters within the car par. I had pictures proving that there were 3 machines but they only had reg details for 2. The judge actually asked if she could keep my pictures on the second case! Id be happy to discuss my case in more detail if required. cheers Kaffee
  2. Sorry yes that is the next stage. There isn’t a court in Keighley anymore so would recommend skipton. I’ve won 2 cases there and the judge hates these parking guys so hopefully you will get the same one if it goes that far.
  3. Heard back from the court today. It's definitely discontinued and the case is now closed. Thanks again guys. Kaffee
  4. If they have sent the notice of discontinuance to the court will the court then send me confirmation of that or do I have to still chase it up myself?
  5. The original hearing date was 2 weeks ago 31/8/17. This was adjourned after an hour as they had 2 weeks to come up with some more evidence which I requested -the deadline of which was today. I'll still check with the court though. Also,I have already received a cheque from them. Kaffee
  6. Hi guys VICTORY! Received a letter today " by way of service our clients notice of discontinuance" which has also been filed at court. that's the end of that. A part of me it's a little disappointed that I'm not going back to court for round 2 but glad it's over. A huge thanks to ericsbrother, dx100 and others. The advice was greatly appreciated and invaluable although at times a little confusing. I've learnt lots about parking law which I hope to never have to use again!! Good luck to everyone else in dispute. I'll be making a donation to
  7. Cheers EB Yes. followed POFA according to the Judge. We went through the NTK on the day but i'll have a closer look in the meantime. Never got to the planning permission as I raised the registration thing beforehand. I'll mention it next time if needs be. Never got to the breakdown of money claimed either so will also bring that up. Guess what. I've had an email from BW saying if I pay them £100 they'll drop the claim (must be desperate!). They've given me 7 days to respond (or not)!! Regards Kaffee
  8. Hi guys. Court day was today. Took 2 hours all together. Time flew by. Tried the right of audience argument straight away but the judge was happy with the agent as she was a solicitor. The signs were fine. The dates they could charge from were 2010 for 7 years so they were valid. They had followed POFA apparently The only thing they couldn't produce, which I asked for, were the registration numbers entered that day, - some were missing. Therefore it is now adjourned for a few more weeks while they search for the info. I asked for expenses for messing me
  9. Cheers guys. I'll check it out. Good luck cutty. Your case looks great with being pre pofa etc. Mine is from 2014 and they look like they have followed everything to the letter so far but you never know. Will make them do as much work as possible for the money. All the best. Will let you know. Kaffee
  10. hi cutty Can you point me in the right direction for the relevant "rights of audience " law?? Got my case next week and might be in the same situation as you. Have you got another date yet? Cheers Kaffee
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