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  1. Would my car breaking down and its faulty nature of the battery be solid enough to not be rejected? I have proof of various other times I have broken down to prove how faulty it is but not that instance
  2. Could not have made it any clearer. Thank you. One question Once it is reverted to NtO stage and they re-issue it can I then appeal for whatever reasons I have for receiving said PCN? Regards
  3. Yep, I don't have many options at the moment so that sounds like the most sensible route I appreciate the help/advice nonetheless. Its pretty sneaky really, They take the PCN off your windscreen and put it on their own to hopefully fool inspectors passing by
  4. Oh right, Yep you got that right mate I'm at work at the moment and the letter is at home but from what I remember it stated "we issued a PCN on xxx date for xxx contravention and it was not paid. You now have xxx to pay xxx amount before we proceed" etc... And it mentioned it was due to parking in a business/ resident permit holders spot if I remember the contravention code...
  5. Nothing was lost in the post, This is the first she had heard of this PCN at all and it came in at £130 NtO so obviously a PCN was issued initially and she didn't receive that on the car itself. Not sure what you mean by junk mail but ok. Thanks.
  6. Yes, thanks for the advice thus far. The letter I received was an Notice to Owner, and was the first my partner and I heard of this PCN asking for £130, Stating we did not pay the previous fine in time (the one they must have stuck to the windscreen) which my partner did not receive, Whether someone had taken it off themselves I do not know, But she did not receive one, So when she receives an NtO with 0 photographic evidence after not even receiving a PCN on her windscreen it did leave her slightly baffled. But its fine, I guess I will have to appeal that she didn't receive the in
  7. She is from around the area but literally has no recollection of being there as its just not something she'd do at all. Well I will appeal on the fact that not only did she not receive a PCN on the vehicle itself but that they then send through an NtO with no photographic proof. Regards
  8. Alright, I will file one then. Sorry when you use the terminology "as a matter of course" meaning they expect everyone to file one and those who get it in on time are accepted? But yes agreed, Should have been handled at appeal stage a long time ago.
  9. Ok, So it will most likely be rejected, Because I have no proof I didn't receive it and they don't but it will allow them to reject it and still retain maximum payment from me...? Are there any ways payment plans can be made for those like myself who simply cannot afford that sort of payment? Thank you again, Much appreciated.
  10. So do you mind me asking, What stops them from just rejecting everyones Witness Statements flat out seeing as no one can really prove they never received an NtO?
  11. If I received anything that mentioned the words Notice to Owner I would have handled it, I honestly do not recall it at all hence why I was considering saying I did not receive it, thats why I started the thread to ask what stops them from just saying "yes we did deliver an NtO and shrugging me off, if so what happens after, they continue to issue an OfR? Thanks again
  12. I don't have the letter on hand as I am at work at the moment, But its for parking within a business permit or resident permit bay/road.
  13. Hi All, My Partner received an NtO through the post She never received one on her vehicle but all of a sudden the Notice to Owner comes through the door with no actual proof her vehicle was there. No pictures or anything from the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Just a fine for £130 stating it was her, She never parks anywhere she shouldn't and is a massive stickler for this sort of stuff (unlike myself) Wondered if anyone could advise on my next steps as I am handling this for her. Thank you in advance Kind Regards
  14. I thought the next stage was order of recovery which would amount to £203? I am not financially fit at all to pay any of that back currently and I am pretty sure I didn't receive any NtO. Why can I not select on the witness statement that I didn't receive it. In addition to that I was broken down hence why my car was pushed into that zone, I even have paperwork proof of my car battery's faulty nature and the amount of times I have broken down due to it, Can that not prove any innocence?
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