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  1. today I received a text message from Horizon Parking, saying that they got my contact details from the DVLA and warning me that I should contact them immediately to avoid further charges. I am getting a wee bit anxious about this now. Do you still advise me to ignore them?
  2. Thank you so much for your very helpful advice, which I shall follow. Hopefully I shan't need to come back here for more advice!!
  3. On the 17th March I received a reminder notice that I had been issued with a PCN through the post from Horizon Parking alleging that I parked " in a manner whereby the driver became liable for a parking charge on the 4th Feb at Asda Falkirk" I would like to say firstly that I have not done what they accuse me of, and also that I have NEVER received a PCN??? I am registered disabled and my blue badge is on permanent display. I am also a single carer to a 9year child. The only two places I would park at Asda would be DISABLED and if there were no spaces, PARENT AND CH
  4. this is my first visit and I can't seem to get into the appropriate forum? when I go the forum there is no link to allow me to post a new thread?
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