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  1. The date of last payment was the usual way of deciding whether it was S/B. Recently some courts have used the D/N as the criteria for whether it is S/Bd.If your dates are correct they are both S/Bd ie 6 years have elapsed since any payment or acknowledgement of debt. Wait unttil someone more knowledgable responds
  2. The people who give their time freely do not deserve to be abused by ignorant posters who only provide the minimum information and get the hump if they are asked to provide more facts..They are not "mind readers so I suggest you put or shut up
  3. Maybe HRH should get Philip to drive him to windsor castle
  4. DFS (Dreadful Furniture Shop) they do not know the meaning of " Customer Service ". Thier busisness model is buy as cheap as they can and sell at inflated price.Any complaints they just Stonewall the customer until they give up Definitely a Small Claims Court being the only sure way of winning then they normally settle just prior to entering the court with a no publicity disclaimer
  5. I have also noted that buyerbeware only joined CAG 04/04/2019 which coincidently was the day the OP sent in his original reply one begins to wonder which of the two boneheads that runs the company he is. Then I thought he seems much to intelligent to flout the Cra so wantonly. So be very wary of buyerbeware and his crap advice
  6. With no connection to the poster. I would certainly take any advice from Buyerbeware with an enormous pinch of salt if I was looking to take action under the CRA he seems to have rewrit to the Rogue dealers advantage, he also know a lot about the company that should start bells ringing as to how un biased his advice is
  7. I may have made the mistake that thier were two supposed expert and will amend that to thier being no experts as far as I can see its just one big EGO trip for both of you and suggest that the Site team close the post
  8. I think one or two EGOs need deflating.People come on this forum for help and not be part of the arguments between two supposedly knowledgeable people. The original OP must be well and truly pi..issed off and has switched off
  9. Why are you faffing about just reject the car.You can add the cost of transportation to any refund or court action if it comes to taking that course.This is a public forum so any one can express an opinion you dont have to action that opinion but there is no need to be need to be rude
  10. Why dont you follow the advice that people offer you . They have alot more experience in shafting the money grabbing DCA,s by using the tools you have to fight them. Fight the DCA,s not the people that try to help you.. Blame the government for selling these Student Loans for peanuts another example of the Tories helping thier crooked friends.
  11. Why dont you listen to the advice you have been given instead of going around like a headless chicken. Life is not fair when you deal with DCAs if you do nothing and respond with an incorrect defence they will win by default which is the way they base their busisness plan if enough people do Nothing they make money . they start to lose when people defend themselves. So calm down give the experts the facts as if they are correct you could even claim money from Lowells for wasting court time
  12. What is this totally irrelevant posting to do with consumer affairs.Where greedy Betty spends her christmas has no place on a consumer advice forum.
  13. Before I retired I worked for a well known supermarket in thier Petrol station. If we had a customer that had genuinely left home without his means of payment. we filled in a form with his details and had 7 days to pay if they had not paid we then sent details to a collection agency who then chased him for money to which they added a large surcharge. Only if they were a serial offender or bilked the garage did we approach the Police Bilked is driving off withno attempt to pay. In the majority of case they paid within the time frame
  14. I have been following this thread and please let me add my condolences. If these fleecers continue with this claim they will be in for a rude awakening when they try.As they have no compassion I would think that they will continue. You might say there is a god after all. They make thier money from hounding people abusing the court system and down right lying
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